18 September, 2023

$5 million hindu temple will be upgrade in Bahrain

Bahrain's historic 200-year-old Hindu temple in the Old Manama Suq has been given the green light to undergo an almost BD2 million ($5m) upgrade and multi-use transformation starting in the new year. Housing and Urban Planning Ministry issued an edict to grant the existing property 'Special Project' status, which allows it an exemption from regular building requirements .

15 September, 2023

Bids opened for 100MW solar power project in Bahrain

Bahrain opened bids for 100-MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power project located at a waste disposal site near the capital Manama. Goksin Construction Limited (Goksin Insaat) of Turkey is sole bidder for the 100 MW IPP (Independent Power Plant) Solar PV Project - Askar Landfill Remediation Package tendered by the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA). Goksin Construction Limited submitted a bid of 11,999,995.477 Bahraini dinars ($32 million) for the project.

5 September, 2023

New residential project unveiled in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq has unveiled its new project, Al Wasem, offering upscale seafront and inner residential plots within its flagship integrated city in the kingdom. This initiative marks the most recent residential development in Diyar Al Muharraq and stands as the inaugural estate ownership venture in its Northern Islands. The new development, prominently situated on the northern island of Diyar Al Muharraq, features two distinct plot categories, and is the first project in the Northern Islands that provides residential plots of multiple sizes.
Firstly, it offers more than 80 waterfront plots, each starting from an area of roughly 360 sqm. The second category comprises over 75 inner plots, each spanning around 300 sqm. These new plots were introduced in response to the significant success of Diyar's previous residential projects in the area. These projects feature villas and plots constructed with top-tier infrastructure and using the best quality materials. The project's extensive offerings include a range of services tailored to cater to the daily requirements of its residents, complemented by a community centre, a mosque, a playground, and multiple verdant outdoor areas. The location also includes premium retail outlets, high-end amenities and world-class educational institutions – services curated to provide residents with the utmost comfort and convenience.

18 August, 2023

New tenders for roads & sanitation sectors issued in Bahrain

Tenders issued for 16 of the ministry's projects for the roads and sanitation sectors, and construction and maintenance sectors, at an estimated cost of BD20m. The awarded projects come within the ministry's plan to implement the government's infrastructure development programme, provide services that meet the aspirations and needs of citizens and contribute to supporting the national economy. A tender was issued for 16 projects for the roads, sanitation, construction and maintenance sectors at an estimated cost of BD20,211,791. The projects were distributed among the various sectors of the ministry, with 13 projects for the road sector, at a cost of BD8,721,399.
The most prominent was the second phase development of Bahraini Youth Avenue in Blocks 840 and 841 in Isa Town, followed by the road work and sanitary network development of Al Hajiyat Street and Jeddah Street in Blocks 935 and 939 in Riffa as well as the commencement of phase one of the development of roads in Block 633 in Ma'ameer. Five projects in the sanitation sector were awarded at a cost of BD19,282,434, with the most prominent being the construction of the main line transporting treated wastewater from Hamad Town to Buri. There is also a project to expand the sewage treatment plant in North Sitra in addition to the project to deliver treated sewage water to serve Ramli and other housing projects. One tender was also awarded for the technical services sector in the ministry.
These projects reflected the ministry's initiatives to keep pace with and invest in urban development while also expanding the circle of beneficiaries of the vital service as well as providing a sustainable infrastructure and healthy environment for citizens and residents. 16 additional tenders covered various sectors of the ministry with seven issued for the roads sector including the paving of dirt roads and connecting the sewage network to Block 1506 in Zallaq. Projects also include the development of Street 77 in Block 745 in Sanad in addition to the rehabilitation of the King Faisal Highway from Road 2819 to Shaikh Salman Highway. Meanwhile, one tender was also issued for the sewage sector, related to a two-year (2023-2025) contract for sewage works, for house connections, sub-rainwater drainage, replacement of sewer hole covers and others.
The ministry also confirmed eight tenders for comprehensive maintenance works for several government schools across all four governorates. Work includes civil and structural maintenance such as interior and exterior painting, crack maintenance, ceiling and floor repair, repair or replacement of doors and windows as well as toilet renovation. Meanwhile, mechanical works include the development of water networks and replacement of water tanks while electrical works include rehabilitating the electrical rooms, replacing electrical distribution boards, lamps and other works.

18 August, 2023

EPC Tenders has issued for gas dehydration units in Bahrain

Tatweer Petroleum has issued an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) tender for development of non-associated gas well hook-ups, associated pipelines and tie-ins in its gas dehydration facilities at Awali region in Bahrain. It is now responsible for all upstream operations in the kingdom, including oil and gas exploration, development, and production activities, in addition to gas distribution and sales. 
The scope of work for the contractor includes provision of EPC services of NAG well hook-ups, associated pipelines at compression and GDUs assisting with the operability enhancement of Tatweer Petroleum facilities. Bids will be open to only those contractors who comply with the set criteria such as EPC certification confirmed through ISO 9001/2015 accreditation; in-house handling of engineering and procurement activities with no subcontractors involved in addition to compliance with company procedures supplied with tender package and submission of Project Level 3 schedule. The last date for submitting the bids has been set at September 3, 2023. The entire project will be completed within a five-year period.

16 August, 2023

Development of a 72MW solar power project in Bahrain

Bahrain is set to develop a 72 MW solar power project, the largest of its kind in the kingdom, at Sakhir. The project comprises rooftop, ground-mounted, car park solar systems and electric vehicle charging stations. The move comes as part of the Bahrain's National Renewable Energy Action Plan and it will contribute to saving the total cost of energy and reducing carbon emissions. It is in line with the kingdom's goal of reaching zero neutrality by 2060, and achieving sustainable economic development for the citizens. The solar power project constitutes 28% of the kingdom's goal of achieving 250MW from renewable energy sources by 2025. The significance of optimal use of the large areas in the kingdom to generate solar energy, the project will achieve a sustainable economy and contribute to the expansion of investment in all sources of renewable energy projects, in partnership with the private sector.

14 August, 2023

Maintenance work progress for bridge in Bahrain

Steady progress is being made on the Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Bridge with regard to maintenance, assessment and painting to increase the lifespan of the bridge, reported by Bahraini authorities. The project scope includes painting of about 62,000 sq m area and maintenace of the 404-m-long bridge as well as replacing the expansion joints and cathodic protection system. The BD3.3 million ($8.7 million) contract was awarded to Hertel LLC by the Tenders and Auctions Board. This project comes within the framework of the road maintenance programme implemented by the Ministry of Works to preserve the road network, ensure the sustainability of the service, and raise the level of traffic safety on roads.

3 August, 2023

New beachfront residences launched in Bahrain

Eagle Hills Diyar (EHD) has unveiled its new residential project - Marassi Bay - located within its premium beachfront community development in Bahrain. Marassi Bay is home to 196 bespoke apartments set over 10 storeys, featuring elegant indoor and outdoor facilities such as a temperature-controlled infinity pool, a gym, a barbeque area and several manicured gardens. Each apartment has its own balcony, ensuring that every resident is able to enjoy their own private outdoor space. Overlooking the 2-km-long beachfront promenade, the Marrasi Bay will feature a host of amenities including diverse restaurants, beach clubs and cafes that accommodate different needs.
Marassi Bay is a unique development with some of the best views found anywhere in Bahrain. Perfectly located for travel, shopping or relaxation, these apartments represent the very best in elevated lifestyle and contemporary living within the all-inclusive beachfront community of Marassi Al Bahrain. Construction work has already begun on Marassi Bay and it will not be long until the building occupies a spot on the Diyar Al Muharraq skyline. Marassi Bay's surrounding area was served by a number of cafes, shops and restaurants, ensuring that residents have everything they need right on their doorstep.

28 July, 2023

Plans underway for eight PPP development projects in Bahrain

Bahrain will soon start work on eight major projects being implemented under the Government Land Development Rights Programme in partnership with the private sector across the kingdom. The Housing and Urban Planning Ministry has begun the preparations to build 280 other units in Khalifa Town. The ministry has already started the first steps of the project, which will be implemented in partnership with the private sector through the Programme. The work on the 131-unit Salman Town project will begin later this year, 2023. The minister inspected the location allocated to construct the residential units in Salman Town. The first trial phase of the Programme had been a big success, 93% of the Suhail real estate project, which includes 132 units, have already been sold out in a record time.ba

21 July, 2023

New commercial & residential property connected to sanitary networks in Bahrain

Bahrain's Ministry of Works has connected 316 new residential and commercial properties to the sanitary water network across various governorates during the first half of 2023. The ministry remains commited to expanding this essential service, keeping pace with the ongoing urban development. The connection works were carried out in various residential complexes in all four governorates, including block 1209 in Hamad Town, block 1019 in Damistan area, block 210 in Muharraq, and block 912 in East Riffa. The ministry is simultaneously executing several sanitary water network projects, including the project in Hamad Town 1205, Wahat Al Muharraq and Wahat Qalali, Jari Al Shaikh 924, and in Sitra 609.

5 July, 2023

Bids invited to upgrade reverse osmosis desalination plant in Bahrain

Bahrain's Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) has invited bids for a BD20 million ($52.7 million) tender to upgrade the Ras Abu Jarjour reverse osmosis desalination plant located in Askar. Situated on the southeastern coast of Bahrain, the plant currently boasts production of 16.3 million imperial gallons of potable water per day. The project to upgrade the Ras Abu Jarjour plant by reverse osmosis from underground wells is aimed at extending the life span of the station by another 20 years. The Ras Abu Jarjour RO plant was opened in 1984 and its production capacity got developed gradually over different periods of time through increase in the number of existing desalination units. The tender documents have been finalised and will soon be available online on the Tender Board. All the international companies vying for the project will be required to submit their competitive technical and financial bid as per latest global standards. The project scope includes the development and implementation of electromechanical works and replacement of high-pressure pumps with more efficient ones capable of saving energy. It also involves replacement of the membranes of RO units, upgradation of the civil structure as well as deployment of the latest technologies that are compatible with environmental requirements in the operational process of the station.

26 June, 2023

Plans announced to build fast charging stations for electric vehicles in Bahrain

Bahrain's Electricity and Water Affairs (EWA) has announced plans to build five fast charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) in the kingdom. This will help contribute to achieving the goal set of reaching zero neutrality by 2060 at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). The enhancement of the partnership between the private sector and the civil society institutions will contribute to developing various services offered to the citizens and residents of the Kingdom.

19 June, 2023

$200 million luxurious residential development launched in Bahrain

Infracorp, a pioneer in infrastructure developments, has announced the launch of Marina Bay - a luxurious residential development situated at Reef Island on the Northern Coast of Manama. With a $200-million investment, the high-end project coincides with Infracorp's vision to create sustainable communities across the countries it operates. Infracorp has signed up leading design consultants AAP Design Construction, a full-service design and construction firm that specializes in streamlined design and build projects based in Portugal and Kuwait for the project. Unveiling the project at a ceremony held in the National Theatre of Bahrain. Marina Bay embodies Infracorp's commitment to elevating the luxury living experience in the kingdom through developing sustainable and modern residential communities.

7 June, 2023

Plans underway for sanitary drainage project in Bahrain

Work on the sanitary drainage project in Block 733 within the Capital Governorate in Bahrain is on track and will be completed as planned. The Tender Board had awarded the urban infrastructure project to Al Naseef Construction Company under a contract for BD260,000 ($685,032). This comes as part of a strategy to expand drainage networks across the Kingdom of Bahrain.

1 June, 2023

Contractor to be finalized soon for a key solar project in Bahrain

APM Terminals Bahrain will finalise a contractor for a key solar project in the first week of July 2023. The company recently launched a solar power project worth BD3.8 million ($10 million) to render it energy self-sufficient by 2023-end. The project is Phase 1 of an ambitious $136-million plan to reach net-zero by 2040. The solar project will be completed in two parts: Part one is scheduled for completion by the year-end and part two by Q1 2024.
Overall, APM's green capex port includes the aforementioned solar project, which will help reduce 62 per cent of emissions (8,700 tCO2), equipment electrification, which will further cut 34 per cent (4,700 tCO2) while energy optimisation will reduce the remaining 4 per cent (600 tCO2). The solar project will comprise the installation of 20,000 11.4 Mwp solar panels on 70,000 sq m of sheds area at the port to generate around 18.4 GWh of power annually, more than its current needs of 15.6 GWh. The surplus will be contributed to the national grid as part of a net-metering deal with the country's Electricity and Water Authority.

1 June, 2023

Announcement of the project updates for water canals project in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq has announced that the final preparations are under way for the smooth operation of the 3.5-km-long water canals within the developer's Al Naseem residential community. Giving the latest project update, the client said the channels have been filled with water and the readiness of the boats entrance gate is being studied for the smooth operation of the water canals. The implementation of the water canals and its systems were designed and supervised by a group of leading local and international consultancy firms specialized in marine projects, which included the construction of the entrance gate and water circulation systems for the internal water canals extending over 3.5 km.
With the completion of the final stage of commissioned work, the emplaced systems will operate around the clock to maintain the optimal water quality and water levels at all times. Spread over approximately 328,000 sq m area, Al Naseem consists of six types of villas available on freehold basis for all nationalities in both gated and non-gated communities. The gated community includes over 300 villas overlooking the water canal with the option of adding a private dock upon request and residential buildings holding up to 1,000 serviced apartments that are equipped with the latest amenities. The second community is an ungated neighbourhood with a 100-boat marina, and investment plots dedicated to accommodating six-storey residential buildings, in addition to a seaside shopping promenade that includes several restaurants and cafes.

31 May, 2023

Announcement of new villas in Bahrain

Tameer, the real estate development arm of INOVEST Group unveiled its newest real estate offering, Talia, a stretch of villas located along the waters of Danat Al Bahrain, designed to mirror the perks of waterfront life. Phase 1 of Talia is the starting point for a total of 70 villas set along the coastline of the main island of Danat Al Bahrain. The villas are benchmarked to the highest of standards and accommodate a contemporary lifestyle that pairs state of the art amenities with the laid-back mindset of waterfront living. Each villa includes spacious and open living areas, three bedrooms with waterfront views, and allocations for a private deck, swimming pool, and jetty. Talia Villas are the first phase in a three-part residential strip, which will ultimately span the entire southern shore of the main island. Each of the villas has been designed to maximize views of the area's splendid canals, and to offer a match between a home designed for family living and a waterfront holiday home. Talia is perfectly situated to integrate with the primary commercial and leisure components of the overall Danat Al Bahrain project. The villas themselves feature well-designed interiors and exteriors that provide opportunities to entertain, and connect with family and friends, or simply relax. The villas sit on plots sizes that range between 300 to 325 square meters and reflect a modern architectural style and high specifications, the development is expected to take up to 18 months to complete.

29 May, 2023

New residential projects launched in Bahrain

Three new residential developments will add to Naseej's current portfolio valued at BD218.4 million ($580.8m) that it has delivered over the last 10 years. Announcing Nasayim Arad, BarBar and the Investment Lands Project as its latest ventures, the company said it has built more than 2,981 homes across Bahrain, ranging from social and affordable, to medium and high-end residential units. 
Comprising a combination of villas and land plots for sale at competitive prices, Nasayim Arad is targeted at beneficiaries of the Housing and Urban Planning Ministry's social housing schemes. Located in Arad, the seafront development overlooks the fort and bay, and is within walking distance of Seef Mall Muharraq. Also in close proximity are the Bahrain International Airport, retail areas, hospitals, school and sports clubs. As part of the design and development of the Nasayim project, Naseej plans to incorporate smart home technology into the homes. This will allow residents to make future enhancements to their homes that can reduce waste, water, energy, and cooling usage. Work is well underway with Al Ansari Engineering Consultants contracted to design and implement the infrastructure works related to the villas.
The eighth project to be developed by Naseej in the kingdom is the Barbar development, located in Barbar-Budaiya within the Northern Governorate. Spread over an area of 150,000sqm, the project will also comprise of land plots and residential villas and is meant for the social housing scheme beneficiaries. The Barbar development project is part of the company's well-studied plans in selecting affordable housing projects in key areas in Bahrain where the demand exists.
Naseej is also planning to launch a new mixed-use development near the main access of Amwaj Islands. The project will cover an area of 125,000sqm and will have a larger portion allocated for residential villas and units. The development will also have a land sale component. The area is home to several key developments and facilities, such as the International School of Choueifat, New Amwaj Cinema, and retail component. It also has developed infrastructure and roads that provide easy access to Amwaj, Dilmunia Island, and Muharraq. The project is expected to be completed in 2024.

29 May, 2023

$10mln solar power project launched in Bahrain

APM Terminals Bahrain, the operator of Khalifa Bin Salman Port, has announced the launch of a ground-breaking solar power project worth approximately BD3.8 million ($10 million), which will make the port energy self-sufficient by the end of 2023. By implementing this project, the terminal will reduce its carbon emissions by 65 per cent while also securing a reliable and sustainable source of energy, effectively making Khalifa Bin Salman Port the region's first fully energy-sufficient seaport. The solar power project is part of APM Terminals' global decarbonisation plans, which aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2040. By the end of the solar implementation project, APM Terminals Bahrain will have installed 20,000 solar photovoltaic panels capable of generating 18.5 gigawatts of electricity per year. This renewable energy source will produce clean and sustainable energy for powering various port operations, including container handling, crane operations, and lighting, setting an example for the entire maritime industry.

19 May, 2023

$1.437m Contract awarded for new airport in Bahrain

The Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunications has awarded Netherlands Airport Consultants a BD541,900 ($1.437m) contract to conduct an initial study for Bahrain's estimated $10 billion greenfield airport project. The Hague-based airport consultancy and engineering firm will oversee and coordinate the work of various specialist sub-consultants, serving as the principal adviser to the ministry. The multidisciplinary study encompasses public policy, development strategy, technical, economic, financial and regulatory analysis and evaluation. The new greenfield airport will eventually replace the existing Bahrain International airport (BIA) due to the inadequacy of its current infrastructure in meeting the kingdom's growing airport needs. The new airport will be developed on a reclaimed island north of Muharraq, where BIA is located.

9 May, 2023

$84.4 million worth infrastructure projects awarded in Bahrain

Bahrain has awarded 35 tenders worth $84.4 million (BD31,831,381) during the first quarter of the current year for infrastructure projects. The roads sector had the biggest share with 15 projects across the kingdom, followed by the construction sector (10), sewage (nine) and a technical maintenance project. The projects are part of the ministry's efforts to develop the infrastructure to keep pace with the investment and urban movement and support the economic development of the country. The plans will not only achieve the objectives of the government but also fulfil the aspirations to enhance the quality of life of citizens and residents and develop public services. The cost of the road projects awarded during Q1 2023 amounted to $64.5 million, and was aimed at facilitating traffic movement and increasing its flow on the roads network, which contributes to enhancing mobility while also developing the rain drainage system. Among the most prominent road projects that have been awarded are the revamp of Zallaq Highway (from Shaikh Salman Highway to Bahrain Bay Highway), the improvement of Al Dair Highway, the development of Jasra Interchange (development of entrances to the Northern City – Fourth Package), the bicycle path on Bilaj Al Jazayer Highway, the development of Al Mahzoura Road 37 and Hajiyat Road 939, and the rainwater drainage project linking Lake Louzi with the mouth of the water in Hamala within the second phase. With regard to the sewage sector projects, nine tenders were awarded during Q1 2023 at a cost of $9.9 million, as part of efforts to provide a healthy and sound environment, and to expand the number of beneficiaries of sewage services.
Among the most prominent sewage projects that have been awarded are cleaning sewage networks and water drains, expanding the rainwater drainage network in the Riffa (Al Buhair) area in Block 933, and consultancy services project for the design of treated wastewater networks in different areas. 10 construction and maintenance sector projects have been awarded at a cost of $9.8 million, and comes as part of the ministry's strategy to develop government buildings and public utilities and confirm the partnership with various government agencies and to provide support and assistance to all government agencies. Among the major projects awarded are the comprehensive maintenance work for Jabriya Industrial Secondary School for Boys, Sanad Primary School for Boys, A'ali Primary School for Girls, Yathrib Preparatory School for Girls and Saad Bin Abi Waqqas Primary School for Boys. Bids have also been invited for 24 tenders worth an estimated $250.2 million between January and March. These were distributed across the various sectors of the ministry, with 15 projects for the roads sector, six projects for the sewage sector and three projects for the maintenance and buildings sector.
Among the most prominent projects that have been put forward in the roads sector are the construction of roads leading to East Sitra Town Phase 1, Busaiteen Bridge Road - Package III, Development of Road 27 and Road 79 in Saar Village 523, 527, 525 and 577, revamp of road in Isa Town Block 816, and the development of Raya Street - Phase 1B. A number of projects have also been launched in the sewage sector, most notably the construction of the sewage network in the Hidd area Block 109-113, and the construction of the sewage network in the Barbar area Block 522. A number of projects have been launched in the construction and maintenance sector, most notably, the development of Manama beachfront (first phase), in addition to preventive maintenance work on the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry in Manama under a two-year contract. Efforts are underway to develop infrastructure and achieve sustainable development to meet the aspirations of citizens and support the national economy, based on the government's programme.

3 May, 2023

Solar power purchase agreement inked in Bahrain

Yellow Door Energy (YDE), a leading sustainable energy partner for businesses in the Kigdom of Bahrain, has signed a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) with Armacell, a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams. The agreement entails an installation of a rooftop solar plant on the premises of Armacell's facility located at Bahrain International Investment Park in Hidd. As per the deal, Yellow Door Energy is responsible for financing, designing, building, commissioning, operating, and maintaining the solar plant for the duration of the agreement. Construction has already begun and the plant is expected to be completed by end of 2023. The solar plant has a capacity of 1 megawatt-peak and is expected to produce over 1.6 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean energy in the first year of operation. This would meet 60% of the facility's energy consumption needs and reduce 1,130 metric tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

3 May, 2023

$84m infrastructure projects tenders awarded in Bahrain

Bahrain had awarded 35 tenders worth BD32 million ($84.4 million) during the first three months with the roads sector getting the lion's share with 15 projects across the kingdom, followed by construction sector (10), and sewerage (9).

1 May, 2023

EV charging stations deal signed in Bahrain

An agreement signed between the Ministry of Electricity and Water Affairs, Bahrain and ABB Company, the technology leader in electrification and automation, to supply five charging stations with a capacity of 360 kilowatts to charge electric vehicles (EVs) with high speed and efficiency, according to leading international standards in this field, in order to install them in several strategic locations across the Kingdom. The move is among the steps taken by the Ministry to provide the infrastructure for electric vehicles, which is of great importance in encouraging and raising awareness among citizens and residents about adopting and including electric vehicles within a sustainable lifestyle that is in line with the global shift towards sustainable and low-carbon mobility solutions. Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs, Yasser bin Ibrahim Humaidan, indicated that the project will contribute to strengthening the path towards achieving the national goals announced by the Kingdom at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to reach zero neutrality by 2060 and reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2035. The Ministry of Electricity and Water Affairs, in cooperation with the competent entities in the public and private sectors, is about to start preparing an integrated strategy to support sustainable mobility solutions in the Kingdom, in particular electric vehicles, noting that one the most important objectives of the strategy is to develop policies, regulations and infrastructure required for charging electric vehicles.

18 April, 2023

Deal signed for electricity supply upgradation in Bahrain

An agreement was signed between the Ministry of Electricity and Water Affairs and ABB Company for the upgradation of electric supply in the Kingdom of Bahrain. ABB is the technology leader in electrification and automation to supply five charging stations with a capacity of 360 kilowatts to charge electric vehicles (EVs) with high speed and efficiency, according to leading international standards in this field, in order to install them in several strategic locations across the Kingdom. The move is among the steps taken by the Ministry to provide the infrastructure for electric vehicles, which is of great importance in encouraging and raising awareness among citizens and residents about adopting and including electric vehicles within a sustainable lifestyle that is in line with the global shift towards sustainable and low-carbon mobility solutions. The project will contribute to strengthening the path towards achieving the national goals announced by the Kingdom at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to reach zero neutrality by 2060 and reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2035. The Ministry of Electricity and Water Affairs, in cooperation with the competent entities in the public and private sectors, is about to start preparing an integrated strategy to support sustainable mobility solutions in the Kingdom, in particular electric vehicles. One the most important objectives of the strategy is to develop policies, regulations and infrastructure required for charging electric vehicles.

17 April, 2023

Plans underway for implementing housing cities projects in Bahrain

The Salman city in the Kingdom of Bahrain was inspected within the follow-up program for implementing projects in cities housing. The projects in Salman City are accelerating to their completion phase with the aim of speeding up the delivery of units and apartments to the citizens benefiting from the project. Salman City is currently witnessing the implementation of 303 housing units and more than 1,300 ownership apartments, in addition to preparing housing plots and providing them with infrastructure services to make them ready for construction. The most prominent characteristic of the projects is the use of modern building models whether in houses or apartments, according to the sixth generation of residential buildings and the interior model of the apartments were designed based on studies and citizens wishes were taken into consideration. The service projects that will be implemented in the city will include 9 mosques, 4 kindergartens, 3 schools, central park, Civil defense, police station, health center, communication towers, coast guard points and towers.

30 March, 2023

Contracts to be awarded soon for infrastructure projects in Bahrain

Bahrain Ministry of Works is expected to award two infrastructure contracts in the third quarter of 2023. The Ministry is expected to award the main construction contract for two projects, namely Rayya (Aradous) Highway Roads and Infrastructure Works - Phase 1B, and Improvement of A'ali Village Roads - Phase 1 in the third quarter. The construction tender for Rayya (Aradous) was issued on 27 February 2023 and A'ali Village Roads was issued on 19 February 2023. The closing date for both tenders is 9 April with bids slated to be opened on 10 April. The contracts are expected to be awarded in May 2023. The Rayaa Highway would be widened to two-lane dual carriageway from Avenue 12 Junction to Avenue 50 Junction with the total length of 1.2 kilometres. The scope also includes storm drainage network, street lighting, new traffic signals, parking areas and service roads, utility diversion and protection. The project is slated for completion by the end of fourth quarter of 2024. The estimate of the project cost is $40 million. Aali Village Roads project, in the eastern side of Block 740, includes new asphalt roads, footpaths, storm drainage network, street lighting and utility diversion and protection. The total length of the road is 2.4 km. The project is slated for completion by the third quarter of 2024. The project would cost an estimated $45 million.

20 March, 2023

New $46mln projects awarded in Bahrain

Eleven projects worth more than BD17 million have been awarded in February, 2023 in Bahrain. The projects are part of the ministry's efforts to develop infrastructure and public services in order to meet the needs of Bahraini citizens, support the national economy and enhance the quality of life for people in the country. Six of the projects relate to road works, the most notable being the Jasra Intersection Development Project, the Mahzoora Avenue Development Project in Sanad and Nuwaidrat, and the road development projects in Block 905 in Riffa – all meant to facilitate and enhance the flow of traffic. Two projects for bicycle paths in Bahrain Bay and along Al Jazayer Beach have also been awarded. Three sanitation-related projects include the expansion of the rainwater drainage network in Block 933 in Buhair and the construction of a rainwater drainage network in Block 288 in Busaiteen. Two projects were also awarded in construction and maintenance works, which includes comprehensive maintenance at the Public Prosecution building in the Diplomatic Area as part of the ministry's efforts to preserve government buildings.

10 March, 2023

Plans underway to build solar farms in Bahrain

Bahrain aims to slash domestic natural gas consumption under a plan to decarbonize its economy and is exploring ways to export the fuel to international markets. The Gulf Arab state plans to build solar farms to power its homes and industries, replacing the gas now used. It has plans to add solar as a source of energy into the grid instead of just wasting its gas. Some of the solar farms will reside in neighbouring Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The plan comes as Europe is hunting for new fuel supplies and major gas discoveries in the Mediterranean have led to proposals for new offshore LNG and gas pipelines to Europe.

9 March, 2023

Construction underway for causeway expansion in Bahrain

Expansion and maintenance work has begun at the King Fahad Causeway to increase the border’s capacity to accommodate more travellers. The first phase of the project will be completed in three months with two more phases planned. Aimed at improving the transit experience of people travelling between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the expansion project will be completed within the year 2023.

23 February, 2023

Deal signed to produce electric cars in Bahrain

Marson Group, a Bahraini business and project development company, has announced plans to launch Bahrain's first electric car factory. A partnership has been formed between the group and a major American manufacturing corporation, 'Gauss Auto', to implement this project. With a timeline of 10 months for construction and operation, the new plant will be located in Salman Industrial City in the American Trade Zone, under the name “Gauss Auto Bahrain”.
The factory will produce a range of electric vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheel electric tricycles, and passenger vehicles. The products will be marketed primarily in Bahrain, the US and other countries. Construction and management will be handled by Marson Group, and Gauss Auto will provide technical know-how and practical knowledge based on its extensive experience in the worldwide electric vehicle sector. The establishment of a factory for electric vehicles of the highest calibre will boost Bahrain's competitiveness as a leading destination for investments and innovation.

23 February, 2023

Power & water station site to be auctioned in Bahrain

Bahrain's Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) will host the auction of Sitra Power and Water Station site in collaboration with Mazad, an auction supervisory company specialising in the sale of corporate assets and also a unit of the kingdom's sovereign wealth fund - Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company. The site is a large facility and includes a number of structures and specialised equipment, including; six desalination distillers (with a 25 million gallons per day processing capacity), six steam boilers, four 25 MW capacity steam turbines with generators, a 25 MW gas reductions and pumps of various sizes as well as a number of transformers, switches and electrical cables. The services of the Sitra plant had been suspended in February 2021 on completion of 40 years of production and remained unutilized. Over the last four decades, when it was in operation, a number of stations with increased capacity were founded. The bidding will begin with a starting price of BD10.2 million ($26.8 million) and during the process the utility developer will ably assisted by Arabian Auctions, the Bahrain subsidiary of Emirates Auctions. The sale process will run for the next three months until May 23, 2023.

22 February, 2023

Bids received for a sewage treatment plant in Bahrain

Ministry of Works, Bahrain received Bidders Proposals for the Khalifa City Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). Three bidders has submitted the proposals:
Zohal Construction Co. WLL (BHD 46,352,882.287)
Mohammed Abdulmohsin Al-Kharafi Sons Co. (BHD 43,861,000.000)
Al Hafeera Contracting Company (BHD 84,935,568.483)
As per the tender notification, the project comprises of design construction operation and maintenance of the project components for the Phase 1 of the Khalifa City STP with a daily average capacity of 20,000 m3 day the emergency sea outfall with a daily average flow of 40,000 m3 day covering Phase 1 and Phase 2 design capacity and Hiwar Trunk Sewer. The Scope of Work also includes the operation and maintenance of the treatment plant for 4 years Also design and construction Hiwar Highway Trunk Sewer and removal of 5 No existing sewage treatment plants Jaw STP Asker STP old Al Door STP and the 2 STPs built by ministry of Housing and operation of the plant and decommissioning of existing three minor Sewage treatment plants in Asker Jaw and Al Dur.

7 February, 2023

Bids received for grid substation project in Bahrain

Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), Bahrain received Bidders Proposals for the Substation Switchgear, Systems & Civil Works of new 400kV Jasra Grid Substation. Following Bidders has submitted the proposals:
Grid Solutions
Option 1: BHD 54,546,371.219;
Option 2: 64,783,282.519
Linxon – BHD 71,304,100.736
Option 1: BHD 64,664,884.514;
Option 2: 49,636,505.389
As per the tender notification, EWA proposes to launch a project for establishment of a new 400kV Jasra Grid Substation. The Substation Switchgear & Civil Works is one of the Project work packages intended to be executed through international limited tender. The scope of this tender includes Design, manufacturing, supply, transportation, erection, testing and commissioning of 400kV Grid substation at Jasra includes 400kV GIS, 220kV GIS, 21kV switchgear, Control, Protection and ICS, Telecom systems and associated substation cabling etc. also includes Civil works of the substation and associated building services including CCTV and Electronic Access Control systems. The tender excludes the 400kV Power Transformer and Reactor Works as well as 400kV and 220kV feeder Cable works, which are under other work packages.

2 February, 2023

Agreement signed to build state-of-the-art aquatics sports complex in Bahrain

World Aquatics and the Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) have announced plans to build a state-of-the-art aquatics sports centre in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in partnership with GFH Financial Group and the Bahrain Swimming Federation. The partnership will see World Aquatics (previously FINA - The International Swimming and Aquatics Federation) establish the Centre of Excellence and regional office for Aquatic Sports Centre at The University of Technology Bahrain (UTB). The plan, which is set to give boost to the kingdom's PPP strategy, also includes new pools capable of hosting events in five of the six World Aquatics sports: swimming, water polo, artistic swimming, diving, and high diving. The sixth sport, open water swimming, is already a popular one with several event held at Bahrain’s beaches. With this new Bahrain centre, World Aquatics’ elite athletes will have access to the best of the training capabilities. These athletes will also receive on-site coaching and educational support through World Aquatics’ Development programmes. Aquatic sports are universally important. Both the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and the World Aquatics Championships Budapest 2022 saw over 180 nations represented. The agreement was signed by World Aquatics and GFH Financial Group at the Bahrain Financial Harbour in the presence of Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Supreme Council for Youth and Sports (SCYS) First Deputy Chairman, General Sports Authority (GSA) Chairman and BOC President.

30 January, 2023

Consultancy contract to be awarded soon for a mall project in Bahrain

Eskan Bank is expected to award the detailed design and supervision consultancy services contract for its Maydan Mall Project, located in Hamad Town by the second quarter of 2023. The tender for the detailed design and supervision consultancy service has been issued and the bid submission is scheduled on February 5, 2023.
The proposed 2-storey Maydan Mall will be built on a land area of 68,698 square metres and will have total approximate built-up area of 36,270 sqm. The project, with an estimated value of $80 million, is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2025.

25 January, 2023

Bids received for 400kv jasra grid substation in Bahrain

Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), Bahrain received Bidders Proposals for the Transformer and Reactor Works of new 400kV Jasra Grid Substation. Following Bidders has submitted the proposals:
Fuji Electric Co.(BHD 21,882,037.665)
Hitachi Energy (BHD 18,741,067.373)
Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems Co. Ltd. (BHD
Siemens Energy (Option 1: BHD 64,830,264.493, Option 2: BHD 19,663,367.702)
As per the tender notification, EWA proposes to launch a project for establishment of a new 400kV Jasra Grid Substation. The Transformer and Reactor Works is one of the Project work packages intended to be executed through international limited tender. The scope of this tender includes the Design, manufacturing, supply, transportation, erection, testing and commissioning of 4 nos. 400/220/21kV, 500MVA Autotransformer, 3 nos. 400kV, 100MVAr feeder reactors, and 4 nos. 21kV, 25MVAr transformer tertiary reactors. It includes also Design, manufacturing, supply, transportation, erection, testing and commissioning of Water Deluge System for fire protection of transformers, reactors, DG and Fuel Tank.

25 January, 2023

Medical Complex expansion project completed in Bahrain

Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, the Supreme Council for Health (SCH) President, Lieutenant-General Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, has opened the Accident and Emergency Department at the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) following the completion of the expansion project. The project represents a quantum leap in the service provided for the citizens and residents in the Kingdom, noting that the expansion includes raising the capacity of beds from 80 beds to 120 beds, the addition of 7 Consultation rooms, 15 recovery rooms, 5 classification rooms and 3 treatment rooms, in addition to a separate unit for children and a waiting area for up to 120 people. SMC’s Department of Accidents and Emergency is one of the centres of excellence at government hospitals, as it receives great attention and top priority within the strategic plans, due to its pivotal role in meeting the medical needs of patients, whose number reaches 1,300 patients per day.

24 January, 2023

New model public park proposed in Bahrain

A butterfly garden, large marine fish tanks and various flowers are all part of a new model public park that could be constructed in Salman Town. The proposal, which was unanimously approved by all 12 members of the Northern Municipal Council, could be developed on 114,344sqm plot of land in Salman Town Block 583.

17 January, 2023

Commissioning started on FCN project at potlines 4 & 5 in Bahrain

Aluminium Bahrain (Alba), one of the world's largest aluminium smelters, has begun commissioning of the Forced Cooling Network (FCN) Project at Potlines 4 and 5. Managed in-house by the Operations and Engineering teams, the FCN Project has enabled Alba to creep-up the amperage to 410 kA in Potlines 4 and 5 which would ultimately lead to increasing Alba’s production capacity by approximately 17,000 metric tonnes per annum. The FCN Project commenced the detail engineering in August 2021 while the manufacture and installation began in March last year. Alba then successfully executed the project clocking an impressive 478,000 manhours worked on site without a Single Lost Time Injury.

16 January, 2023

Infrastructure work starts on B3 residential building plots in Bahrain

Bahraini developer Diyar Al Muharraq announced it has begun secondary infrastructure works at the key B3 residential building plots within its integrated city project in the kingdom. The B3 project comprises 38 housing plots with sizes ranging between 454 sq m and 979 sq m, thus offering the ideal investment opportunity with an array of benefits and features in line with its strategic location in proximity to Diyar Al Muharraq’s main entrance, Marassi Al Bahrain, and Al Naseem. Moreover, the project offers close access to hotels, mosques, community centres, stores and malls. The scope of work includes construction of the inner road as well as key services such as road lighting, sewage and rainwater networks, electricity and water networks, as well as setting up of telecommunications networks in partnership with BNET. It is a modern-day urban city in Bahrain, which is characterized by a luxurious lifestyle and preservation of the traditional family values of the local community, in addition to a balanced mix of residential and commercial facilities, thus making it the ultimate investment opportunity.

12 January, 2023

Alba awards over 6MW solar farm project in Bahrain

Aluminium Bahrain (Alba), one of the world’s largest aluminium smelters, has awarded its solar farm project to Advanced United Systems (AUS), to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels over 37,000 sq m with a capacity of more than 6 Megawatts (MW). The solar farm project will consist of around 11,300 solar panels to be fixed on the rooftop of Alba car parks and some of its buildings to include its Spent Pot Lining Treatment (SPL) Plant. The project will generate in the range of 10,539 MWHr per year and approximately 7,591,760 kilograms of carbon emissions would be reduced per year - corresponding to a total reduction of 189,794,000 kilograms of carbon emissions over 25-year span. Advanced United Systems is a Saudi company and part of the Taj Holding Group that specialises in smart grid solutions, energy, and renewable energy services. The solar farm project is one of the many initiatives under Alba’s ESG Roadmap as the company journeys to further sustainable value for its people and society.

10 January, 2023

Bids received for 400kV cable works in Bahrain

Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), Bahrain received the Bidders proposals for the 400kV Feeder Cable Works for new 400kV Jasra Grid Substation. Following five Bidders has submitted the proposals:
Iljin Electric (BHD 73,175,788.782)
LS Cables and System (BHD 87,646,463.587)
FURUKAWA ELECTRIC (BHD 110,161,810.639)
Taihan Electric (BHD 80,147,170.861)
Brugg Kable (Option 1 : BHD 27,224,219.057; Option 2 : BHD
As per the tender notification, EWA proposes to launch a project for establishment of a new 400kV Jasra Grid Substation. The 400kV Feeder Cable Works is one of the Project work packages intended to be executed through international limited tender. The scope of the tender is for EPC and includes the Design, manufacturing, supply, transportation, civil works, installation, jointing and testing of 3 nos. 400kV Feeder Cable circuits each having length of 14km. Total circuit length of 42km. The 400kV cable circuit shall have minimum design rating of 1000MVA each and cable size shall be 2500 mm2 Cu. XLPE per phase. The scope also includes Design, manufacturing, supply, transportation, civil works, installation, jointing and testing of Fibre Optic Cable, PDMS and DTS system. The scope may be divided into lots and the tender works may accordingly awarded to more than one contractor.

10 January, 2023

Work completed on landscaping project in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq, a leading real estate development company in Bahrain, has announced the completion of the landscaping project at the entrance to the integrated residential city. The project, which runs over 1.15 km long, comes as part of a series of initiatives under Diyar Al Muharraq’s afforestation project, with the aim of increasing the green spaces and key facilities, including Hadiqat Al Diyar. The Bahraini developer had signed up Daira Contracting to implement the project, for which it had used a variety of evergreen trees, shrubs, and a range of flowers and roses. It is in line with Diyar Al Muharraq’s initiatives to contribute to the society and its vision of developing a modern, smart, and environmentally friendly city, with a minimized carbon footprint. The afforestation project, launched last August under the patronage of Engineer Wael bin Nasser Al Mubarak, Minister of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture, also aligns with the national strategy to increase the number of trees by 2035 and the kingdom’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2060. The spaces and infrastructure across Diyar’s master plan have been designed with the intention of measurably improving the health and well-being of its residents and visitors by fostering a close-knit community and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. Stemming from its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Diyar strives to embed sustainability pillars in all its business operations and is dedicated to fulfilling national aspirations regarding the preservation and sustainability of the environment and increasing the kingdom’s green space. Large evergreen trees were selected due to their suitability to the Kingdom’s climate conditions and their low water consumption.

9 January, 2023

Ground broken on 435-unit luxury project at Bahrain

Bahrain-based Kooheji Development announced it has joined hands with its construction unit Kooheji Contractors, to break ground on the group's new mixed-use project, Onyx skyview, coming up on a 108,000 sq m area at Bahrain Bay. Designed with high architectural standards, including a landscape feature with the direction of an uninterrupted Manama skyline and full sea views, the key development comprises luxury residences, offices as well as an attractive retail unit along the two sides of the project. Onyx skyview will be nestled in spacious grounds complete with architectural terraces of green outdoor spaces and features dedicated residents-only amenities in a double-height indoor floor as well as outdoors over a 3,800-sq-m area. Featuring a grand main entrance facing the Four Seasons hotel, the 53-level skyscraper boasts 435 ultra-luxury residences, 40 offices, and seven retail units. The offices are accommodated over 10 floors with four offices per floor. The groundreaking ceremony marks a significant milestone for Kooheji Development as it kickstarts a new chapter along with the Onyx skyview's main contractor Kooheji Contractors. The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by many of the company's board of directors, stakeholders, and members of the local community. With the start of the construction activities, Kooheji Development is now one step closer to making this unique and exciting development a reality in Bahrain. Onyx skyview will bring a new paradigm for elegant high-rise luxury development in Bahrain and the region of creating a modern and sustainable living experience. Additionally, the project focuses on creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for its residents, with ample green spaces, comfortable living spaces, and modern amenities. With these elements, Onyx skyview will create a luxurious living experience that is both modern and elegant.
The spacious and ultra-luxury residences at Onyx skyview are a carefully curated collection of studios, one-, two- and 3.5-bedroom apartments combining distinctive design, and inspired lifestyle inclusions in the best layouts and space planning within the Kooheji Development residential towers portfolio. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the residences offer panoramic views of Bahrain's skyline from the bedrooms and living spaces. New classic wooden flooring designs, cool stone finishes and panelled walls bring a natural touch to balance the impact of the expansive glazing. The spacious floor plans can meet various customers' preferences and can be easily configured into a range of different requirements. In addition, optional and extra interior design packages will also be available to buyers. Once fully operational, the project will provide a luxurious and resort-like community with unique amenities close to some of Bahrain's most renowned attractions. These attractions include the Bahrain Bay promenade, five-star hotels, the Gardens, and the seafronts. This project will provide an opportunity to experience the best that Bahrain offers in one convenient location. According to Kooheji Development, the building will be served by eight elevators and feature four car-parking levels and two basement floors offering a total 700 car parking slots. Some of the resort-style indoor and outdoor amenities include active and passive entertainment activities zones, such as an indoor multipurpose hall, VIP lounge, café, cinema theatre, ladies' and men’s gymnasiums, play areas as well as outdoor water features including levelled decks with iconic waterfall cascades between pools. It will also boast fitness areas with lap infinity pool, dynamic splash pads, and a lazy river surrounded by fire pits spots for the cozy family barbecue gathering, stated the Bahraini developer. The mixed-use development also benefits from close proximity to major shopping malls and is within walking distance of the buzzing life of Bahrain Bay.

2 January, 2023

Bids invited for 771 housing unit project in Bahrain

Ministry of Housing, Bahrain invites three Seprate tenders to construct and Develop a total Housing units of 771 under Government Land Development Program (GLDP).
Madinat Salman Project:
The 131 Housing Units at Madinat Salman Housing Project, a Government Land Development Programme, will be developed by the private sector on Government land. The successful bidder will design, construct, and finance 131 Housing Units and associated secondary infrastructure. The Project Company will sell these units commercially to Mazaya and social housing loan-eligible beneficiaries. Upon completion of the project, the developer will pay MoHUP an agreed Land Value. MoHUP will provide a buy-back arrangement for units unsold after a 24 months Sale Period.
Madinat Khalifa Project:
The 280 Housing Units at Madinat Khalifa Housing Project, a Government Land Development Programme, will be developed by the private sector on Government land. The successful bidder will design, construct, and finance 280 Housing Units and associated secondary infrastructure. The Project Company will sell these units commercially to Mazaya and social housing loan-eligible beneficiaries. Upon completion of the project, the developer will pay MoHUP an agreed Land Value. MoHUP will provide a buy-back arrangement for units unsold after a 24 months Sale Period.
Madinat Salman Project:
The Madinat Salman Housing Project, a Government Land Development Programme, will be developed by the private sector on Government land. The Project will provide 360 Housing Units with associated secondary infrastructure. The Developer will sell these units commercially to Mazaya and social housing loan eligible beneficiaries. Upon completion of the project the developer will pay MoHUP an agreed Land Value. MoHUP will provide a buy-back arrangement for units unsold after a 24 months Sale Period.

26 December, 2022

Bahrain lays the foundation stone of National Assembly building

On behalf of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Deputy King, His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, laid the foundation stone of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s National Assembly building. The Kingdom of Bahrain’s National Assembly will cover 19,000 square meters. The first phase of construction will include a National Council hall that can accommodate approximately 500 people, a hall for the Shura and Representatives Councils that can accommodate 40 people, and a multi-purpose hall. The project also includes a service building and facilities, a library, a museum documenting Bahrain’s democratic governance, a media centre, and an outdoor yard surrounded by a gallery for opening ceremonies. The building’s design incorporates elements of Bahrain’s architectural heritage, such as palm fronds, and features a distinctive main gate. Sustainable construction methods will be used, and the completed building will be energy efficient. Several senior officials also attended the ceremony.

26 December, 2022

13 tenders worth BD10million awarded in Bahrain

Ministry of Works announced that it has awarded 13 tenders valued at BD10,639,766 in various sectors in November 2022. The ministry also launched 19 tenders valued at BD36,45,715 during the month. The ministry issued seven tenders in the road sector in November 2022. The projects include a bicycle path in southern Bahrain, a project to develop Al Dair Street, a third lane in Al Mahzoura Street, the Tubli Bay improvement and a project linked to the Maameer Canal (Alba bridge). The projects, in total, cost more than BD8 million.
In the sewage sector, the ministry issued six tenders. The most prominent ones include the sewage water treatment plant in Khalifa City, the main line project and the treated sewage water line for East Sitra, and a project to expand the rainwater drainage in the Riffa area (Al-Bahair) in Block 933. Three projects are in the sanitation sector, which includes a sewage network in the Riffa in Block 939 to connect 43 properties and a sewage network in block 1038 in Sadad to serve 108 properties. In the buildings and maintenance sector, Works Ministry issued three tenders. The total cost of government school maintenance projects amounted to BD1,109,768, the maintenance project for Budaiya Veterinary Hospital will cost BD161,460.460. Works Ministry, issued three tenders in the technical services sector. The most prominent being a tender for the supply of licensed computers and software and another for upgrading the ministry’s telephone exchange.

23 December, 2022

Matal Al Naseem commercial project to come up in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq, a leading real estate development company in Bahrain, has announced the sale of a  prime 21,322 sq m commercial plot within its Al Naseem development to Jannat Real Estate Investments towards construction of a waterfront complex. The 'Matal Al Naseem,' which will come up in the heart of Al Naseem, will include several upscale restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and retail stores. Situated in the Southern Island of Diyar Al Muharraq, Al Naseem boasts stunning waterfront views, offering residents an unprecedented lifestyle experience that delivers a sense of belonging through a modern, luxurious lifestyle. Spread over a 328,000 sq m area, Al Naseem features more than 300 residential units with impressive modern designs, adjoining to a 10,000-metre waterfront shopping destination that includes retail outlets, leisure and recreation facilities, and a promenade and marina.

21 December, 2022

King Faisal Corniche-Avenues expansion set for 2024 completion in Bahrain

Steady progress is being made on the second phase of the King Faisal Corniche and The Avenues-Bahrain project, which is due for completion in the first half of 2024. Spanning over a 103,000 sq m area, the project, once completed will boast a complex building, hotel apartments and car park as well as green space. The Municipalities and Agriculture Minister Wael bin Nasser Al Mubarak, who visited the project site, affirmed the government's interest in promoting development projects to contribute in achieving Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 through partnership with the private sector. The minister was later briefed on the implementation stages of the project, which is aimed at providing various key amenities and advanced services and facilities to serve citizens and residents. Al Mubarak announced the expansion project was being implemented at a total cost of about BD70 million ($185 million). The financial contribution from the developer company worth BD5 million to develop the road network surrounding the project, and a total benefit amount of about BD33 million.

9 December, 2022

SAR 30 mln PC strand plant to be built in Bahrain

National Metal Manufacturing & Casting Co.’s (Maadaniyah) board of directors has approved establishing a plant specialized in steel wire strand (PC strand) in Bahrain. The project is expected to cost nearly SAR 30 million. The project will be financed by the company’s internal resources, in addition to commercial bank loans. The construction and expected completion dates will be announced later. 

9 December, 2022

Deal signed for sugar refinery plot in Bahrain

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce signed an agreement to lease a 107,000sqm industrial plot in Salman Industrial City for Bahrain Sugar Refinery, one of the industries that support the objectives of the industrial sector strategy (2022-26), as the Bahrain Sugar Refinery is a key pillar of the food industry in the region and is expected to increase exports and contribution of the industrial sector to the GDP, in addition to creating promising job opportunities for citizens.
Bahrain Sugar Refinery LLC acquired the sugar factory after bidding it in a public auction for US$ 21.2 M, and it is expected to start operating during the first quarter of next year with a production capacity of about 600,000 metric tons per year for sugar, 7,600 metric tons per year for molasses, and 10,000 metric tons per year for yeast. The company also stated a plan invest approximately BD 70 M to operate and expand the factory in the future by establishing new production lines within integrated industrial zones, the factory will create over 200 job opportunities.

6 December, 2022

Feasibility Study awarded for aluminium smelter line in Bahrain

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba) has awarded International Bechtel Co. Ltd. (Bechtel) to conduct Line 7 Project’s Feasibility Study. This proposed project underlines the ambition to grow organically and will further cement its position as one of the largest environment-friendly smelters in the world. Expected to be completed in about 9 months by September 2023, the Feasibility Study will provide a comprehensive evaluation of all factors to determine the viability of the Line 7 Project. It’s estimated that   Line 7 Project will have a similar production capacity as Line 6 Expansion Project – within the range of 540,000 metric tonnes per annum.

23 November, 2022

Key sustainable community project unveiled in Bahrain

Bahraini real estate developer Bareeq Al Retaj has announced the launch of its pioneering sustainable community on the kingdom's eastern coast. Located close to a local heritage village and Aquaculture Centre, the new development Ras Hayan Village will boast waterfront villas and apartments, leisure, hospitality and retail space as well as a stunning marina, all set amidst a natural mangrove forest. Ras Hayan is unique in its organically conscious zoning and master-planning of residential, leisure and natural spaces, holistically integrated into the natural environment. Many of the residences provide calm canal aspects, with the Northern most canal opening onto a natural mangrove forest whose biodiversity is being preserved and enhanced. In Ras Hayan you will find a distinct relaxed village dimension, avoiding the large one-size-fits-all feeling of some larger projects and focusing on creating community through clever and organic masterplanning. Ras Hayan Village was one of the four pioneering projects being brought to life on its 150 sq m stand during the three-day expo. A special team will be on hand to cater to all potential buyers. Ras Hayan’s residential offerings incorporate a limited number of waterfront and canal villas with larger than average plot sizes, and inland meandering neighbourhoods where streets are verdant and residents can connect with their natural environment.

23 November, 2022

Latest mixed-use project launched in Bahrain

Kooheji Development has launched its new mixed-use project Onyx SkyView on the sideline of Cityscape Bahrain 2022. Onyx SkyView is an architectural marvel with three interlocking towers that create a unique visual signature with staggered balconies offering bayside views from the homes, a minimal office facade, and the modern exteriors of the retail section.

22 November, 2022

Bids invited for EPC of associated gas compression project phase 7 in Bahrain

Tatweer Petroleum, Bahrain is undertaking a field development project to increase oil and associated gas production in the Bahrain Oil Field. As a result of this program, the associated gas production is projected to increase to volumes that need to be accommodated by the associated gas handling network. In order to accomplish this, expansion of the existing associated gas handling network by means of additional compression is required to further advance Tatweer Petroleum’s field development objectives. Therefore, the Associated Gas Compression Phase 7 project aims to install three (3) new compression stations to increase the field’s total compression capacity and for enhanced oil recovery purposes. The Scope of Work incudes Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Installation, Testing, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, and Start-Up of Three (3) Compression Stations CS12, CS13, & CS14. At present, tender submission date is 25 December 2022.

22 November, 2022

Bids received for study of new greenfield airport project in Bahrain

Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (MTT) Bahrain received bidders proposals for the Study of New Greenfield Airport Project. As per the tender notification, MTT wishes to invite qualified firms to support its efforts to formulate a Strategy and Roadmap Study for implementing a new greenfield airport that will eventually replace Bahrain International Airport (BIA) when the existing airport site can no longer effectively meet the Kingdom’s airport infrastructure needs. The Study is multidisciplinary in nature, and includes public policy, development strategy, technical, economic, financial, and regulatory analysis, and evaluation. MTT wishes to engage a lead consultant who shall manage and coordinate the work of various specialist sub consultants and shall act as MTT’s principal advisor. The Study has far reaching implications not only for one of Bahrain’s most strategic sectors but also for the Kingdom’s overall economy.
Following firms has submitted the proposals:
Dar Al Handash Consultants
ADP Ingenierie
Netherlands Airport Consultants
Hill International

21 November, 2022

Bahrain to spend $312m on new schools by 2030

Bahrain is set to build 18 new schools as well as 24 academic buildings for students across the kingdom's four governorates by 2030 at a total investment of BD118.3 million ($312 million). The designs for the new environmental-friendly educational complexes have been completed in co-ordination with the Works Ministry. The Capital Governorate will see two schools and nine academic buildings constructed, the Muharraq Governorate will have five schools and seven academic buildings, the Southern Governorate three schools and four academic buildings, while the Northern Governo-rate will have eight schools and four academic buildings. The new schools will cover new areas and will increase existing school capacity. All of the 42 projects will be environmental-friendly and specifications are already in place. They include plans for natural lighting and new technologies for energy-saving lights and eliminating light pollution. The new primary schools would be constructed on an area of 150,000 sq m, mix primary intermediate schools on 180,000 sq m, intermediate on 160,000sqm, mix-intermediate secondary on 20,000sqm and technical schools on 40,000 sq m. Construction work will also take into account anticipated future vertical or horizontal expansions.

17 November, 2022

New model designs for key luxury villas unveiled in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq, a leading real estate developer in Bahrain, has announced new model designs for its Aseel El Nasayem and Layl El Nasayem villas coming up within its residential development Al Naseem. The new designs will be showcased at the inaugural Cityscape real estate expo in Bahrain which opens its doors on November 22 at Exhibition World Bahrain. Aseel El Nasayem 2 villas span a land area of more than 320 sq m and a construction area of more than 340 sq m, whereas Layl El Nasayem 2 comprises a land area of more than 320 sq m and a construction area of more than 340 sqm. The Bahraini developer announced it has already started work on these luxury villas, which, on completion, will meet the high-quality engineering and construction standards that are delivered across the masterplan. The villas are now up for sale on a freehold basis, with the aim of providing a diverse and enriched selection for future homeowners seeking the finest villas in a modern, futuristic, and fully-integrated city, stated the developer. The new spaces boast the ultimate level of convenience that meet the various needs and aspirations of modern-day families. Al Naseem comprises two key neighborhoods: a gated community and a non-gated community. Emerging as Diyar Al Muharraq’s gated residential community, the first neighborhood encompasses more than 300 canal-facing villas, 500 residential apartments in individually designed buildings and premium community and leisure facilities. As for the second neighborhood, the plan houses an additional 500 apartments in exquisitely designed buildings, adjoining approximately 10,000 sqm of convenient retail, leisure and entertainment facilities with an integrated pedestrian-friendly promenade with breathtaking views alongside a 100-berth marina. Al Naseem has six villa types including Duha El-Nasayem, Sabah El-Nasayem, Aseel El-Nasayem, Layl El-Nasayem, Aseel El-Nasayem 2 and Layl El-Nasayem 2. Each villa type is represented by unique characteristics and styles, and provides potential buyers with distinct designs and features that aim to deliver a luxury vacation experience. Offering central air conditioning, other features include direct access to the water canals, a private dock, a private pool, a main kitchen as well as a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

17 November, 2022

Four Seasons launches 112 bespoke homes at Bahrain Bay

Leading luxury hospitality company Four Seasons and Bahrain-based real estate development firm Bayside Developments have announced the launch of Four Seasons Private Residences Bahrain Bay. Ushering in a new standard of luxury waterfront living, a collection of 112 bespoke homes will be set within the capital city, at Bahrain Bay, it was revealed at a press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. Residents will enjoy access to the neighbouring Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay as a remarkable extension of their homes with resort-style amenities, multiple restaurants, and a pristine beach just a short walk or chauffeured golf cart journey away via private bridge. The property will also be a short distance from The Avenues and MODA Mall, each offering the finest selections of shopping, dining and more. In addition to having access to the full spectrum of services and amenities from the neighbouring hotel, Four Seasons Privates Residences Bahrain Bay will feature a wide array of dedicated offerings for residents to enjoy while at home with Four Seasons. Most notably, the development will include manicured gardens for entertaining or relaxing; a sunlit infinity edge pool with spectacular views from a landscaped terrace; a well-appointed fitness centre; an intimate resident's lounge to retreat and unwind; and a private cinema featuring state-of-the-art audio-visual technology and plush velvet seating for family movie nights to be enjoyed in ultimate comfort. Set on a private enclave overlooking Bahrain Bay, every detail of the Private Residences has been carefully considered to create an oasis of 98 luxurious apartments, eight duplexes and six penthouses. With architecture by Gensler and interior design by Rive Gauche, each home will overlook Bahrain Bay, the iconic Bahrain World Trade Center, the Manama Skyline or the sea. Homes will feature striking marble finishes throughout and designer show kitchens with a combined living area for an effortless space to relax and entertain in style. Led by a director of residences and a dedicated Four Seasons team, owners will enjoy a service-rich environment, including the ability to request a private chef, arrange a private spa treatment, and so much more, all from the comforts of home.

16 November, 2022

Logistics hub opened in Bahrain

DSV, the world’s third-largest freight forwarder and leading global logistics provider opened a 14,000 sq m logistics facility in Bahrain Logistics Zone in Hidd to expand its warehousing capabilities in the area. The new facility supports contract logistics with ambient, chilled and frozen storage, as well as solutions for high-value cargo. It will offer secure records management services, and storage/turnkey logistics for Bahrain-based manufacturers in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. With a storage capacity of 24,000 pallet positions, the new facility increases DSV’s controlled-temperature warehouse capacity in the Kingdom of Bahrain to a total of 65,000 pallet positions and 75,000 sq m. The increase in capacity enables the company to continue to support its customers in a market of increasing interest and demand. The new facility in Bahrain represents an $18 million investment by DSV, and is the company’s second expansion in the country in just three years. It follows the 2019 opening of a 28,000 sq m warehouse, also in Hidd. DSV’s further expansion in Bahrain is a testament to the company’s commitment to the promising market.

11 November, 2022

Catering unit contract awarded in Bahrain

Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) has signed up Al Sabah Construction as the official contractor for its new catering facility coming up within Sakhir Airbase. The new catering facility, which will come up on a 7,500 sq m plot area, will be manned by a set of skilled employees who will cater to the daily requirements for VIP flight operations, as well as other customers in surrounding areas. It will also provide special services for major events such as the Bahrain International Airshow. The launch of the Sakhir Airbase Catering Facility aims to further expand and establish our catering operations to serve a wider range of clients throughout the kingdom.

9 November, 2022

Address beach resort Bahrain to open in weeks

Address Beach Resort Bahrain, a stunning property of Dubai’s Emaar Hospitality Group, is set to open in a matter of weeks on the spectacular shores of Marassi Al Bahrain. The property will be open to the public who will be able to enjoy luxury and relaxation in an idyllic setting, accompanied by an unrivalled mix of amenities. The 117-key hotel along with 154-key residence exudes luxury with its modern façade, complimented inside by crisp, cool, tones offering equal measures of sophistication and tranquillity. Guests will enjoy vast dining options across The Restaurant, The Lounge, and The Garden – each offering a different dining experience whether you are looking for the perfect romantic dinner, an impressive business lunch, or a chilled-out bite with a beverage. Market-leading amenities will including a world-class spa for the ultimate in self-care, a fully equipped gym, and breath-taking pool. The little ones are catered for with a Kids’ Club and splash pad. Address Beach Resort Bahrain will also provide the perfect venue for unforgettable events from weddings to functions, and business meetings and conferencing.

9 November, 2022

2 new natural gas discoveries announced in Bahrain

Bahrain has announced two natural gas discoveries in the Al-Joubah and Al-Jawf reservoirs. Bahrain’s energy strategy and is likely to be decided in the next six months. Nogaholding, has updated Bahrain King Hamad bin Issa Al Khalifa on the discoveries.

8 November, 2022

Jumeirah opens doors to stunning wellness resort in Bahrain

Jumeirah Group, the global luxury hospitality company and member of Dubai Holding, has officially opened its doors to the Jumeirah Gulf of Bahrain Resort & Spa, offering the guests entering the kingdom an idyllic haven for a tranquil and restorative getaway. Resting majestically on the unexplored, pristine beaches of Bahrain’s West Coast, Jumeirah Group’s newest address offers an idyllic setting for those desiring a relaxing and rejuvenating break. It boasts an extensive range of leisure and wellness facilities, well designed rooms and villas, all featuring sweeping views of the Gulf, stunning landscaped gardens or meandering waterways. Guests and visitors can indulge in eight new dining experiences, each providing awe-inspiring panoramic sea views, featuring a mixture of international flavours curated by world-renowned chefs. Delivering unique family-style dining against a backdrop of picturesque panoramic sea views, Obab Al Bahar will provide à la carte menus and daily buffet choices from the hotel’s leading international culinary team, including an exclusive, customised beverage menu infused with local ingredients, fragrances and spices to deliver a unique Bahraini experience. Serving up fresh homemade favourites and healthy seasonal salads on a contemporary alfresco private terrace, Due Mari delivers authentic Italian cuisine while Al Sama serves up local specialties and refreshing drinks overlooking the sparkling Gulf. Guests can also enjoy a selection of healthy options or indulge in hand crafted chocolates and delectable international and local pastries created by the resident pastry chef at Majlis Al Fijiri, sip a selection of fine beverages at stylish 25 | 50 or enjoy comfort food alongside specially crafted beverages beachside at Ousoul. The new resort also features Jumeirah Group’s award-winning Talise Spa, including female-only spa facilities with private entrance and traditional Hammam.

7 November, 2022

Metro network tender to be launched in Bahrain

Bahrain is set to launch the tender for the construction of its metro project in the first quarter of 2023. The pre-qualification tender for the kingdom's ambitious project was issued and closed in May this year. A total of 11 leading global infrastructure majors - including French sustainable mobility expert Alstom, Korea's Hyundai Engineering and Indian construction conglomerate Larsen and Toubro (L&T) in addition to Chinese heavyweights Harbour Engineering and China Railway Group and Egyptian builder Orascom - had been prequalified for the Phase One of Bahrain Metro. The others in the list include Plenary Asia (Singapore); Virtue Global Holding (UK) and CRRC (Hong Kong) Company in addition to regional heavyweight Orascom Construction (Egypt). Also two Bahraini utility groups - Aradous Energy Generation Company and Taqi Mohammed Albaharana Trading Establishment - are in the fray. Bahrain's Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication (MTT) had announced the winning developer/consortium will implement the project on DBFOMT (Design, Build, Finance, Operate, Maintain, Transfer) basis with a contract period of 35 years. Being implemented in four phases, Bahrain Metro's Phase One comprises two lines running 29 km long covering 20 stations. Estimated to cost around $2 billion, the Bahrain Metro project marks an important milestone as it will provide a fast, comfortable, reliable, sustainable and modern transportation system in the kingdom, thereby improving the standards of living. With this state-of the art, fully automated, driverless metro system, MTT plans to develop an efficient public transport service in the kingdom. A team of top financial, technical, and legal advisors have been roped in for the project led by KPMG as the lead transaction advisor, Egis as the technical advisor and DLA Piper as the legal advisor for procurement of this project on a PPP basis.

4 November, 2022

Key infrastructure works nearing completion in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq has announced the completion of more than 90 per cent of main and secondary infrastructure work on the Southern Island. The work has been in operation since 2012, and is expected to be completed as per the set schedule. Recent upgrades on the project included the construction and lighting of road networks over 11km of main roads and 75km of secondary roads, in addition to eight 66kV primary substations and more than 150 11kV electricity distribution plants. Works on the primary and secondary sewage network include the pumping station, water tanks and distribution systems, rainwater drainage systems, irrigation systems and a pumping station for irrigation water.
Additionally, a total of 11 communication towers were developed encompassing both the main and secondary telecommunications networks. Works also included afforestation of public roads and the paving of walking and bicycle lanes. Diyar Al Muharraq is the largest integrated city in the Kingdom of Bahrain, offering a variety of housing solutions and a luxurious modern lifestyle, all while preserving the core family values of the Bahraini community. It offers a unique, balanced mix of residential, commercial, recreational, and healthcare facilities, creating a self-contained and futuristic model city.

31 October, 2022

Tender floated for first dates factory in Bahrain

Bahrain, once known as the land of million palm trees, is set to give its datepalm sector a new boost amid the global race towards food security. This includes constructing Bahrain’s first Date Factory for which the Ministry of Works has launched a new tender after a similar move in 2021. The move gains importance as countries expand their domestic food production to achieve food independence. The 2021 tender was for building a BD300,000 (USD 797,872) date factory in Hawrat Aali that could process 5,000 tonnes of dates annually, eventually increasing to 15,000 tonnes, when fully operational. The new tender also plans the project in Howrat Aali. The upcoming factory will have a main factory building, areas of unloading, storage, dates packaging, laboratory, offices and supporting facilities. The tender is offering a 12-month contract for the project. The project comes as Bahrain bids to join the Saudi Arabia-based International Dates Council to help develop more sustainable farming techniques and increase productivity. Those interested in taking up the job should purchase the tender before the 1st of December 2022. The closing date is the 7th of December 2022.

17 October, 2022

Road widening & upgrade contracts to be awarded soon in Bahrain

Bahrain’s Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning is expected to award the main construction contract for its Widening Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Highway and Bahrain Map Interchange Package 1 and Widening Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Highway with Jasrah Interchange Upgrade Phase 2 package 2 (AMAS Access Improvement - Package 4) by the fourth quarter of 2022. 
Package 1 of Widening Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Highway and Bahrain Map Interchange is expected to be awarded early December 2022, with the overall project completion is scheduled for first quarter of 2025. Bid evaluation is progressing for Package 2 and the contract is expected to be awarded by end of November 2022. SSH Design, in partnership with Mott MacDonald, is undertaking the pre- and post-engineering consultancy services for the design and supervision of the road and bridges. The services include feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed designs, and providing tender assistance services to the ministry. SSH Design will also provide supervision services to the client for the construction works. The overall project is slated for completion by the first quarter of 2025.

14 October, 2022

New digital shop launched in Bahrain

Batelco unveiled its new Digital Shop, with unique features designed to elevate the customer digital retail experience, launched at Wadi Al Sail Mall. The Digital Shop boasts a wide range of functions, the most important one being the ability to instantly register and activate a new Postpaid or Prepaid line and receive a new SIM card, with just a few simple steps. Batelco’s Digital Shop was designed with customer convenience in mind, giving access to a wide variety of services. In addition to SIM registration and dispensing, other features that are unique to the Digital Shop include enabling customers to upgrade their packages, and through a Live Chat function, customers can speak to a customer care agent for any extra support. Furthermore, customers that are interested in buying new devices can check availability through the Digital Shop and find out at which Batelco branches the device is available. The frequently used everyday transactions are also part of the Digital Shop’s capabilities, including paying bills, refilling vouchers, and replacing eSIM or SIM cards. Batelco’s Digital Shop, which is located on the ground floor of Wadi Al Sail Mall, is accessible daily, during Mall opening hours.

5 October, 2022

Works completed for the sewage treatment plant project in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq has announced the completion of the city’s connection to the sewage treatment plant (STP) in Muharraq. Works on the project, which links the treated water across a 14-kilometer distance from the Muharraq STP to Diyar Al Muharraq’s reservoir, started this February and ended in July.

3 October, 2022

Design work in progress for housing villa complex in Bahrain

Bahrain’s Ministry of Housing (MOH) is expected to complete the design work on Al Madina Al Shamaliya Housing Villa Complex, located West of Al Madina Al Shamaliya by end of 2022. The design works have commenced on the project and is expected to be completed in December 2022. The tender for the main construction contract is expected to be released by end of first quarter 2023. A joint venture of PACE Architecture Engineering & Planning and Ansari Engineering Service is the design and supervision consultant for the project. The scope of work involves the construction of 314 Villas, a park, parking spaces, landscaping work and utility works. The project is slated for completion in fourth quarter 2025 and the project cost is $100 million.

30 September, 2022

Consultancy bids invited for 284-unit residential project in Bahrain

Bahrain's Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning has invited bids from qualified consultants to provide contract management and site supervision consultancy services for a major residential project being developed in the kingdom. In its tender notification, the ministry said the winning bidder will be responsible for the contract management and site supervision of a total of 284 housing units coming up in East Hidd Village A2, C1 & C2 on plots 5,6, 11 and 14.
Only qualified engineering consultants with Category A licensed with the Council for Regulating the Practice of Engineering Professions (CRPEP), Kingdom of Bahrain, will be able to participate in this tender.As per the ministry notification, it will undergo a two-envelope opening tender procedure where in the Qualification and Technical proposal will be opened first followed by the financial proposal. Only those suppliers who had passed the qualification process will be evaluated with their technical proposal. And later it will be the turn of the suppliers who passed the technical evaluation bid. The last date for sending the bids has been set at October 26, 2022.

29 September, 2022

Tender issued for 100 MW IPP Solar PV project in Bahrain

The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by Electricity and Water Authority (EWA), issued Request for Proposal (RFP) to seek proposals from Applicants, who may be a single entity or an Arrangement, to remediate a landfill site. This project is in preparation for the implementation of a Solar PV Project on the remediated landfill site. Project site area has been identified by EWA and the MOFNE. The plot identified for the Project is located in the Askar landfill site, in the Southern Governate of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The Project scope will involve site remediation, any site studies including permitting process and list of associated studies e.g., EIA, gas collection feasibility as well as the construction of the gas collection system, construction of leachate collection system, and air quality monitoring that may be required for development, permitting, design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, testing, completion, and insurance of the site up to project completion.
The Project procurement shall follow the following stages:
Stage 1 wherein, a statement of qualifications submitted in line with the requirements of this RFP will be assessed against Minimum Eligibility Requirements (MERs) set out in this RFP;
Stage 2, wherein, Proposals of Applicants who satisfy the MERs in Stage 1 (Pre-qualified Bidders) will be evaluated in line with the RFP requirements;
Stage 3 is the award of the EPC Contract for Land Remediation.

19 September, 2022

Leasing advisor appointed for a new mall in Bahrain

Global real estate advisor CBRE has been exclusively appointed by ATAA Real Estate Investment Company to manage and lease the new 11,000-sq-m Once Mall in Bahrain. Developed by Haj Gulf, Once Mall is strategically located on Shaikh Salman Highway in Isa Town’s educational area to serve the local area and will accommodate international retail and F&B brands, offering some unique concepts to attract visitors from further afield. The four-storey shopping centre offers a range of units and zoning for retail, F&B, offices, and entertainment. With construction in full swing, the mall is due for completion in Q4 2022. The property boasts an architecturally pleasing design, with a quality look and feel. There are ample parking spaces and access from the main road is straightforward. The real estate industry expert has been exclusively appointed to provide property management and leasing services throughout the pre-leasing campaign and once operational.

5 September, 2022

Construction work begins on Address Residences Marassi Vista in Bahrain

Construction has begun on Bahrain’s Address Residences Marassi Vista, a one-of-a-kind concept which is home to over 200 luxury units ranging from studios to 3-bedroom apartments and designed to meet the expectations of guests. Kicking-off with initial excavation works and sheet piles installations, the 10-storey building consists of two basements, a ground floor, a podium, eight floors, and a rooftop, with a built-up area of 33,756 sq m, Eagle Hills Diyar (EHD), the pioneer behind the iconic Marassi Al Bahrain development. Main contractors, Al Ghanah Group are working hand-in-hand with the project’s lead consultant, U+A, alongside sub-consultant Gulf House Engineering (GHE), towards a target completion date of the second quarter of 2024. Marassi Vista will be overlooking a stunning sea view surrounded by lush green parks that provide a unique lifestyle experience. Marassi Vista will also include a number of retail stores easily accessible to tenants of the project. The unique residential development is designed to provide fully-furnished units, complete with state-of-the-art and luxury designed facilities that overlook a unique sea view within arms-reach. At Eagle Hills Diyar, we are proud to offer the latest investment opportunities in the kingdom, providing deluxe 5-star experiences for end users to enjoy as part of the Marassi Al Bahrain living experience. Address Residences Marassi Vista delivers the signature style of the Address Hotel & Resorts, while optimising the prime location of Marassi Al Bahrain, the kingdom’s most exclusive beachfront community.

19 August, 2022

Tender launched for 72MW solar project in Bahrain

Bahrain has taken yet another step towards embracing green energy by launching a new solar panels project. It features awarding a 20-year contract for local or international bidders to build, own, operate and manage grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) power panels with a minimum capacity of 72MWac in multiple premises in Sakhir, in south of the kingdom. The tender seeks to build solar panels in the Bahrain International Circuit, University of Bahrain, Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre, and Al Dana Amphitheatre.
The solar panels are to be built on the rooftops, car park shades, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and the grounds of the above-mentioned facilities. To qualify for the tender, bidders need to be engaged in the business of solar PV energy and have successfully commissioned at least ten grid-tied solar PV projects (out of which at least five are solar PV car park projects). Additionally, bidders should be commissioned in at least 40 MWac grid-tied solar PV projects in any country globally in the last three years (2019-2021).

17 August, 2022

Partnership formed to install rooftop photovoltaic solar panels in Bahrain

GAC Bahrain, a shipping and forwarding agency, will install photovoltaic solar panels on the rooftop of its warehouse in Bahrain Investment Wharf in Al Hidd. It has partnered up with renewable energy construction firm Al-Mannai Projects to install 552 solar panels that will generate around 300 kilowatts to meet the facility’s electricity needs. It is part of the company’s commitment to environmental protection and reducing its carbon footprint across the maritime and logistics industries.

17 August, 2022

Contractor appointed for a mall expansion project in Bahrain

The Avenues Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Al Sorouh Management Company, has announced the appointment of Nass Group as the main contractor for construction works for The Avenues Bahrain phase II expansion project. The expansion project sets to extend the mall further along the west of the seafront, adding 41,200sqm of leasable space, to include 244 units, two entertainment areas, an ice rink, and a supermarket, as well as a basement parking, bringing the total leasable area in both phases to approximately 80,000sqm.

16 August, 2022

372 housing units to be constructed in Khalifa Town

Bahrain's Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning is set to implement a project to build 372 new housing units in Khalifa Town, worth BD17 million ($45.13 million). The project, which is part of the housing commitments contained in the current Government Action Plan (2019-2022), is expected to be completed in two years. The deputy premier also inspected the land lots allocated in Khalifa Town for the implementation of the government-owned lands development rights programme (Government Lands’ Development Programme), which will provide more than 3,300 housing units that will be offered at reasonable prices for the beneficiaries of the newly announced housing financing schemes. In this context, Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla directed the relevant ministries and government service departments to start preparing the necessary infrastructure works to implement this project according to a specific timetable, as well as to provide the required cash flows. Projects will be implemented under the government-owned lands development rights programme all over the kingdom, by tasking the private sector with constructing thousands of housing units that will be available for the beneficiaries of the new housing schemes at affordable prices. The ministry seeks to accelerate the implementation of the project so as to be completed according to schedule, noting that the project will feature new units’ designs, developed by Housing and Urban Development Ministry over the past period in the ongoing projects in Salman Town and East Sitra Town. The project contains an area for public services and utilities, a mosque, shops, a park and a playground, while the housing units, according to the building model used, consist of four bedrooms, two halls, a Majlis, a kitchen, four bathrooms, and a storeroom.

27 July, 2022

Consultants sought for a new public beach park in Bahrain

A new public beach park, complete with walkways, playgrounds and other amenities, is on the anvil in Bahrain. The new public facility will come up in the Northern Governorate. As per the Works Ministry tender, the upcoming beach park will have a walkway with a landscape and playground, comfort services, cafes, shops, car parks, and other facilities. The plot size of the new facility in Karzakan Block 1027 in the Northern Governorate is 12,332m2. The tender is for appointing a consultancy firm experienced in designing beaches and coastal development to design and supervise the new Public Beach Park. Those interested in taking up the project should bid before the 24th of August 2022, with a BD1,000 bond and BD50 tender fees.

26 July, 2022

$370 million gas compression facility to be awarded soon in Bahrain

Tatweer Petroleum is expected to award the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for its $370 million non-associated gas compression facilities (NCF3-7) by the fourth quarter of 2022. The main contract bids have been submitted and were being evaluated with the award expected in early September 2022 .
The bidders were TDE Overseas ($336m), Enerflex Middle East ($164m), and Advanced Oil Field Systems ($366m). The scope of work involves the construction of a non-associated gas reservoirs, gas compression facilities and gas injection units, adding that the project is slated for completion by end of 2025.

25 July, 2022

Work completed on key phase of residential project in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq, a leading real estate development company in Bahrain, has announced the completion of all infrastructure works within Phase Four of its freehold residential project, Al Bareh. Work on the key phase began in November last year and was completed in May in accordance with the set schedule. The scope of work included power and water connection and telecommunications systems installation in addition to irrigation systems, drainage and sewage systems, as well as road paving and lighting. The leading consultant on the project, Aecom, oversaw the project planning and supervised it alongside Jahecon. Diyar Al Muharraq strives to introduce more residential projects that the meet the needs of citizens and residents in the kingdom Al Bareh is known for its spacious area located in the northwest of Diyar Al Muharraq overlooking spectacular views of the Gulf and the City’s main water canal. In addition to unparalleled features including its inner road network connected to key locations and destinations across the City. Al Bareh also offers exceptional residential opportunities available on a freehold basis for all nationalities. Diyar Al Muharraq is one of the largest integrated cities in the kingdom offering a variety of housing solutions and a luxurious modern lifestyle with a mix of residential, commercial, recreational and healthcare facilities.

21 July, 2022

Work in progress for housing projects in Bahrain

Minister of Housing and Urban Planning has confirmed that the Salman Town project is nearing completion. The construction of the units is nearing completion, as the project is already 82 percent complete. The project is expected to be complete during the fourth quarter of 2022. The minister paid a visit to Salman Town and inspected the progress of work on a number of projects. These include the construction of 303 units, in addition to apartment buildings and the Government-owned land plots allocated for housing developments. Work is also in full swing to construct the beachfront apartment buildings which will accommodate 1,380 Bahraini families. The integrative projects also include all facilities and services serving dwellers, including parking lots, gardens and children’s playing areas. The minister stressed keenness to provide innovative and viable housing solutions to cater to applicants’ needs and spearhead successful partnership with the private sector.  The ministry is studying a number of programmes and initiatives which will be given the go-ahead in the coming period, in line with the Government Action Plan and the 2030 Bahrain Economic Vision.

15 July, 2022

Abu Dhabi groups to fund water supply project in Bahrain

The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) and Abu Dhabi Exports Office (ADEX) will extend AED337.9 million ($91.9 million) in financing to the Electricity and Water Authority in Bahrain for a water supply network project. Under the signed agreements, ADFD will provide a loan of AED150.6 million, while ADEX has committed AED187.32 million. The funds will be used to enhance the capacity of the water transmission networks within the second phase of Bahrain's Al Dour station to 50 million gallons. With the expanded capacity, the facility will have reserves of at least three days' consumption average to cater to the daily water requirements of residents. The station will provide drinking water supply and cater to the needs of construction, investment and industrial projects. The project financed by ADFD will raise the efficiency of water supply, contribute to water security and enhance the sustainability of water resources.

6 July, 2022

Construction started on a Community Center in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq announced that construction work on the Jeewan Community Centre has begun during month of June 2022. Diyar Al Muharraq appointed Sarab Contracting as the main contractor and Arab Architects as the lead consultant to oversee the Project, which is scheduled to be completed during the first quarter of 2023. The community center, which will be built on an area spanning over 5,000 sqm, aims to meet the various needs of residents and visitors alike. In addition to a children’s play area, outdoor spaces suitable for social activities, as well as landscaped gardens, the space will include a retail shopping area, an ATM, and more than thirty parking spaces.

4 July, 2022

Bids invited to develop key mixed-use projects in Bahrain

Bahrain Real Estate Investment (Edamah) is inviting bids to develop a 20,717 sq m plot at Hidd within Muharraq Governorate of the kingdom for a mixed-use investment project. The land is strategically located near new waterfront developments such as Diyar Al Muharraq and Dilmunia, and overlooks Arad Highway opposite Bahrain International Airport. Edamah is the real-estate arm of the sovereign wealth fund of Bahrain. Incorporated in 2006 to manage and expand an assorted portfolio of real-estate in Bahrain, Edamah has established itself as one of the kingdom’s leading property developers. Edamah announced it was also seeking bids for the development of 6 more plots with a total area of 5,618 sq m at Askar within Southern Governorate for a mixed-use investment project. It is strategically located near Khalifa town housing project and offers a clear view of King Hamad Highway.

29 June, 2022

Petrol station set to open in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq, a leading real estate development company in Bahrain signed an agreement with Bapco Tazweed, the local provider of petroleum products and complementary services in the kingdom, to build the first petrol station within its upcoming integrated city. The petrol station will be spread over a 4,000 sq m area, located in close proximity to Souq Al Baraha and overlooking Marassi Al Bahrain. The new station, which will have 6 petrol pumps, can serve 12 vehicles at one time; in addition to various other facilities including an automobile service station, as well as a number of retail stores and ATMs; designed to provide integrated services to all visitors. The station represents a key addition to the wide range of services and facilities provided by the recently-completed Souq Al Baraha project to the residents and visitors of the community. Souq Al Baraha includes commercial and recreational facilities within a traditional atmosphere embodying the authentic Bahraini heritage. This petrol station will serve Diyar Al Muharraq’s residents and visitors, as well as those living in nearby areas; which will accommodate different types of fuel including Super, Mumtaz, Jayyid and Diesel, in addition to providing various complementary services. The station will also help enhance residents' amenities while relieving pressure on other gas stations in the surrounding area. We will continue to meet the needs of the Kingdom’s citizens, residents and visitors; with strategically located petrol stations that they can easily access, wherever they are.

27 June, 2022

Underwater city around Hawar Islands proposed in Bahrain

Plans are afoot to create an underwater city in the sea surrounding Hawar Islands, a protected nature reserve in Bahrain currently vying for World Heritage Site status. The key attractions include a ‘memory lane’ adventure with a dive story-museum, and sunken ships and submarines.

22 June, 2022

Latest beachfront residential project announced in Bahrain

Eagle Hills Diyar (EHD), the pioneer behind the iconic Marassi Al Bahrain development, announced the launch of its latest residential project, Marassi Terraces. The project offers an innovative living experience, delivering an indoor-outdoor lifestyle with its unique terrace concept. As the most recent addition to the Marassi Al Bahrain portfolio, Marassi Terraces ensures harmony with its surroundings through its unparalleled design. With a lifestyle defined by its outer spaces, Marassi Terraces elevates home living far beyond its front doors. The twin terrace concept is nestled alongside two elegant residential towers connected by a first of its kind air walkway bridge. Offering a total of 350 units across 10 storeys, in addition to retail spaces and a reception lobby designed to the highest standards, the project’s defining landmarks are the Aqua Terrace and the Garden Terrace, presenting an enhanced outdoor lifestyle experience and social entertainment, providing a space to relax, explore and play. Through its minimalist design, the project offers future residents various living options. From studio apartments to 3-bedroom homes, Marassi Terraces provides modern kitchens and bathrooms, coupled with an abundance of amenities. The project promises an optimal lifestyle experience, equipped with unique indoor amenities.

16 June, 2022

Work completed on Amanat Edu Safe Park in Bahrain

Bahrain Real Estate Investment Company (Edamah), a unit of the kingdom's sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat, has announced the completion of Phase One of the Amanat Edu Safe Park. The 16,000 sqm facility is a first of its kind offering a one-stop solution for students and parents which will add value to education beyond school hours. According to Edamah, it will be equipped with state-of-the-art education centres and halls which will be leased for lectures, workshops, training programs, and theatre and art productions. The Park will also partner with educational institutes to offer a range of extra-curricular activities in areas such as liberal arts, technology, and robotics, as well as dedicated special needs educational programs. It will be an important addition to the Isa Town Educational Area, extending students’ learning experience beyond school hours through a variety of enriching and educational activities. The project incorporates our more than 30 years of experience in education to create a one-stop solution which meets the needs of the entire family and offers a nurturing environment conducive to learning and personal development. It will be able to take advantage of the time spent waiting for their children by earning certifications in vocational skills programs supported by the Tamkeen Training and Wage Support Scheme. The Park features scenic green spaces with jogging tracks, walkways, and outdoor scientific installations, which create an atmosphere conducive to learning. The project is supported by Edamah, who conducted extensive initial research to assess the area’s market needs. The second phase of the Amanat Edu Safe Park is expected to be completed in August, 2022.

7 June, 2022

Solar power purchase agreement signed in Bahrain

Mondelēz Bahrain Biscuits WLL, signed recently a solar power purchase agreement (“PPA”) with Yellow Door Energy, a leading provider of sustainable energy for businesses in the Middle East. Located at the state-of-the-art Mondelēz biscuit factory in Al-Hidd, Bahrain, the solar plant will have a capacity of 2.3 megawatts and will comprise over 4,200 solar panels for both rooftop and carport applications. Once completed, the solar plant is expected to produce 3,820 megawatt-hours of clean energy in the first year of operation, equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 2,400 metric tons. As the solar developer, Yellow Door Energy is responsible for financing, designing, building, commissioning, operating, and maintaining the solar plant for the duration of the agreement. By working with solar developers, leading businesses can reduce their energy costs without any upfront investment or operational risk, while maintaining focus on their core business and enjoying the benefits of clean energy.

23 May, 2022

Edamah set for Sitra industrial park expansion

Bahrain Real Estate Investment Company (Edamah) has announced that work will soon start on the expansion of the 87,382-sq-m Sitra Industrial Park. Edamah, the real estate arm of the kingdom's sovereign wealth fund, Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, boasts a diverse portfolio spanning retail, hospitality, commercial and industrial properties across the kingdom. The Bahraini group announced it was keen to tailor its features to accommodate tenants’ requirements. It aims to drive sustainable economic growth while also creating benefits for local communities. The 87,382 sq m park includes a total of four existing facilities with two new covered facilities and dry storage plots for industrial, commercial and logistical use. Announcing the availability of agile industrial locations at its Sitra Industrial Park, Edamah said the park is to be expanded with an additional 8,000 sqm of industrial space with construction about to commence on the site.

23 May, 2022

Work completed on key sewage pumping stations in Bahrain

Ministry of Works announced completing the rehabilitation works of 32 sewage pumping stations as part of a strategy to provide highquality services to improve public health. The projects include the rehabilitation of 32 main and subsidiary pumping stations in various regions of Bahrain. Three stations are in Muharraq Governorate, 19 in the Capital Governorate, seven in the Northern Governorate and three in the Southern Governorate. It aims to raise the efficiency of the stations and ensure sustainability, limiting floods in areas as part of the sanitation efforts. Works also include equipping these stations with new pumps, internal pipes, valves, electrical control panels, control systems and sensors. Tender and Auctions Board awarded the project to Al-Dur Contracting Company for Excavation and Building for BD 759,801.

17 May, 2022

Deal signed for solar power project in Bahrain

Imerys, a leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry, is partnering with Yellow Door Energy, a sustainable provider for businesses in the Middle East to install over 8,500 solar panels at its white fused alumina production plant in Bahrain. This alumina plant is operated by Imerys and Bahraini partner Al Zayani Industries. Covering an area of 25,000 square meters, this solar plant will be connected to our internal distribution network. It will have a capacity of 4,500 kWp and will generate 7,600 megawatt-hours of renewable electricity in the first year of operation. It will be both ground-mounted as well as fixed on the roofs of the existing building. This will bring significant cost savings, reduce carbon emissions linked to Imery operations by 6,000 tonnes per year once fully operational as well as contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint of the white fused alumina produced in Bahrain, which in turn will benefit to the sustainability roadmap of our international refractory and abrasives customers.
Construction of the solar plant should commence in the second half of 2022 and it should be operational by 2023. As the solar developer, Yellow Door Energy is responsible for financing, designing, building, commissioning, operating and maintaining the solar plant for the duration of the agreement. They will comply with Imerys’ Contractor Management Procedure and Health, Safety and Environmental Policy.

29 April, 2022

Work on $1.8bn infrastructure projects under way in Bahrain

Infrastructure development projects worth BD711.9 million ($1.87 billion) are currently under way in Bahrain including 12 road improvement works, nine sanitation developments and other construction and maintenance projects.

29 April, 2022

Padel courts opened within integrated city in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq, a leading real estate development company in Bahrain, has announced the opening of padel courts at Hadiqat Al Diyar. Spread over a 32,800 sq m area, Hadiqat Al Diyar boasts a rubber floor running track, outdoor exercise and picnic area, in addition to an area dedicated to food and beverage outlets. The park also features football fields and a children’s play area. Hadiqat Al Diyar features a total of seven padel courts, six of which can host up to four players at a time, and a court dedicated to competitions between two single players. These courts are managed by Padel Bahrain, which is the first registered trademark for the sport in the kingdom and is witnessing tremendous growth in popularity. The Padel Bahrain courts are characterized by its blue sand flooring, which is a treated sand made to allow for smooth ball bounce-back in addition to reducing risk of injuries. These features set Padel Bahrain apart in the sport, making them the best of its kind in the Gulf region.

18 April, 2022

MoU signed for next generation 5G technologies in Bahrain

Batelco and Ericsson have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on next-generation 5G technologies and innovations in line with Bahrain’s digital economy vision. The latest MoU is part of Batelco’s efforts to enhance its network capabilities to achieve future goals for 5G technology, in addition to supporting development programs for new use cases that highlight the potential of 5G for consumers and enterprises. The MoU will cover collaboration on Voice over New Radio (NR) and an advanced Charging Systems that will enhance Batelco’s real-time convergent charging as well as enable the introduction of new smart and innovative Internet of Things (IoT) products. It will also include cloud-native 5G Core and 5G Standalone (SA) solutions that helped Batelco and Ericsson successfully complete the first 5G SA data call in the Kingdom. The MoU is also set to lay the foundation for a 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) introduction which, through its higher bandwidth, higher data rates, and extended range capabilities, offers great potential for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), gaming, and industrial applications.

15 April, 2022

Approval granted for major infrastructure projects in Bahrain

New infrastructure projects across the Southern Governorate, costing millions of dinars, have been given the green light. They include the construction of new roads on Hawar Islands and developing existing roads in Riffa, Isa Town and Buhair. There will also be sewage networks for the new Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre in Sakhir and a treatment plant for Khalifa Town, near Askar. 
Details of the projects were revealed by Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry officials at the Southern Municipal Council meeting. Amongst the main projects, which it signed a work agreement last month for, is constructing new roads on Hawar Islands. It is awaiting approval to start Bahrain’s oldest housing town, Isa Town, is also set for major road revamps that intend to begin on May 22 and continue for up to 10 months in blocks 805 and 807.
Ground levelling in quickly-urbanised Buhair to build new roads and it is expected that the procedure would be complete in July next year. A new sewage treatment plant was also planned for Khalifa Town. The first phase of the project is expected to see 20,000 cubic metres from the town and nearby areas treated daily. Negotiation underway with the Finance and National Economy Ministry and the United Kingdom Export Finance to secure funding for the project.

8 April, 2022

Feasibility study for carbon capture technologies awarded in Bahrain

Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) has appointed Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) to carry out a feasibility study for carbon capture technologies at Alba’s smelter plant in Bahrain. Alba has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with MHI to study the feasibility of carbon capture at the smelter, with MHI to provide KM CDR process, jointly developed by Kansai Electric Power Company.

6 April, 2022

Standard ground handling agreement signed in Bahrain

Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) has signed a two-year standard ground handling agreement (SGHA) for line maintenance services with Kalitta Air – a provider of air cargo transportation express delivery provider offering both scheduled and chartered transportation services worldwide. Through this contract, BAS, which is a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) accredited aircraft maintenance provider will provide scheduled technical certification services for all Kalitta Air flights departing from Bahrain International Airport (BIA) during the contract period.

31 March, 2022

Deal signed to set up major tech park in Bahrain

STC Bahrain, an operating company part of STC Group, a world-class digital enabler announced a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications for the launch a first-of-its-kind technology park in the region. The company will be leasing 55,000 sq m of land from the government in Al Qurain area for the project that will host ground-breaking technologies. The project comes in line with stc Group strategic objectives to build a Mena digital hub and invest in breakthrough technologies as a global telecommunications and ICT player, said the statement from stc Bahrain. STC Bahrain has been instrumental in driving transformation within Bahrain – a population that is tech-savvy with an advanced digital infrastructure. In addition to diversifying the economy, the project will focus on uplifting local talent within the tech field. Furthermore, it will offer benefits to local citizens through the localised storage of data that will be closer to end users. The project, to be implemented in phases, will see the stc Bahrain setting funds for the landmark project in the next phase in addition to picking up its strategic partners for the project. The new state-of-the art technology park was a major initiative by the kingdom aimed at achieving the objectives of the Fifth National Telecommunications Plan and also the recently launched ICT and Digital Economy Strategy. This will further help boost the kingdom's ICT sector in line with various initiatives put forth to achieve the comprehensive development goals, led by HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and in establishing a world-class digital infrastructure. The project will also be one of the first initiatives in energy efficiency, driving local innovation towards the use of renewable energy. On completion, it will boost Bahrain’s position as an economic and Info-comm hub. The new technology park will push new boundaries in the digital field and contribute to Bahrain’s digital economy in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030.

28 March, 2022

Work completed on wastewater plant upgrade project in Bahrain

Bluewater Bio, one of the fastest-growing water solutions providers in the UK and Europe, has completed its landmark upgrade for a major wastewater treatment plant in Bahrain. The $36.5 million project, involving over 500,000 man-hours of work, was completed without a single lost-time incident. The scheme was backed by UK Export Finance (UKEF). This project marks the company’s second large contract executed at Tubli - which is the biggest wastewater treatment plant in the country - serving a population equivalent of 1.2 million. Bluewater Bio was responsible for all aspects of engineering, acting as EPC contractor and technology supplier. A further 220 MLD of clean water is now available for reuse whilst protecting the local environment. The implementation of HYBACS has not only helped with their water strategy, but has done so without using any additional land, a key consideration in Bahrain.

21 March, 2022

Contractor appointed for a health centre expansion in Bahrain

Expansion works of the Bilad Al-Qadeem Health Centre will start soon. The Ministry of Works is rushing through procedures to start the project’s implementation phase, which will cost the exchequer BD 1,005,293. The ministry had redesigned the project to include all requirements and would supervise its implementation. Works include partial renovation of the medical and administrative section and consultation area. Adding a two-storey building from the backside of the centre. The ground floor consists of parking spaces, a radiology room and rooms for doctors and nursing. The tender board had awarded the project to AlMoayyed Contracting Company. The budget is shared between Al-Moayyed Business Corporation and the Ministry of Finance and National Economy.

17 March, 2022

Bids invite for construction of 336 Housing units in Bahrain

Ministry of Housing, Bahrain invites the bids for construction of Residential Housing and Apartment units in Madinat Khalifa Phase 2A. As part of the project, 336 Residential Housing Units and 36 Apartment Units will be constructed. The project is funded through the UAE Grant under the GCC Development Program to the Kingdom of Bahrain. As per the notifications, interested bidders can participate the tender by purchasing of tender documents against fee of BHD 100. Suitably eligible and qualified contractors are invited to participate in the Tender Package. Preference shall be given to contractors registered in the U.A.E and experienced in both housing and apartment building works tendered under the U.A.E Grant. Contractors registered in Bahrain should be categorized as Grade A with the Ministry of Housing and or Grade AA in Building Construction Projects with the Ministry of Works, Kingdom of Bahrain. Bidders needs to include BHD 55,000 as bid security valid for 180 days along with their proposals. At present, bid submission date is 25 May 2022.

14 March, 2022

Demolitions started to build new modern apartment buildings in Bahrain

The Ministry of Housing confirmed that its plans to demolish and replace old apartments with new residential buildings are progressing as scheduled. The project covers buildings older than 45 years and unfit for living, with higher maintenance costs. The idea of the project is to develop 6,750 apartments complete with all modern facilities and services by replacing the old apartment building in various governorates of the Kingdom. Demolitions works have also started. So far, the ministry has identified 250 buildings having 1884 apartments in various governorates of Bahrain. They will be demolished and rebuilt following modern, sustainable and green energy standards.
The new projects will have open and green spaces, outdoor areas, gardens and other spaces. The ground floor will have shops, services, parking and green areas, mezzanine parking floors, while the first floor will have play areas for practicing hobbies. On the new apartments in Isa Town, they would be facing the Bahrain Metro Project. The ministry is demolishing 103 apartments here. The new buildings will have a built-up area of 253,973.00 square meters and 720 apartments in a land area of 64,682.80 square metres. This would enhance the architectural and aesthetic beauty of the Kingdom while also ensuring optimum usage of land area and raising population density in a well-suited manner, they would build no more than 100 apartments per hectare. Modern architectural designs and distinctiveness of locations selected allow the completion of the project with accelerated pace.

28 February, 2022

Work completed on a key sewage project in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq, one of the largest real estate development companies in Bahrain, has announced the commencement of works on the second phase of its Deep Gravity Foul Sewer Network. This phase of works comes as an extension to construction completed in the initial phase, and aims to deliver sewage services to the Mozoon residential project, the Retail and Marina Promenade in Al Naseem, the Townhouses project, in addition to future planned projects. The infrastructure set to be laid out in this phase will also contribute as preliminary infrastructure, necessary for future development and expansion plans in the Northern islands of Diyar Al Muharraq. P2m berlin has been appointed by Diyar Al Muharraq as the consultant for this phase of works on the Deep Gravity Sewer Network, with construction contract being awarded to Al Hassanein Company, as designated contractor. Work already begun on the second phase in March and is scheduled to be fully completed by the third quarter. Its sewage network is designed to connect wastewater directly to ground storage tanks near the entrance of the city, allowing it to be pumped into the treatment plant connected to the local sewage system. The system constructed is therefore autonomous, eliminating the need for transportation by tankers. Diyar Al Muharraq is one of the largest integrated cities in the kingdom, offering a variety of housing solutions and a luxurious modern lifestyle while persevering the core family values in Bahraini society. It boasts a unique, balanced mix of residential, commercial, recreational, and healthcare facilities, creating a fully integrated and futuristic model city.

21 February, 2022

Foundation stone laid for American Trade Zone in Bahrain

Bahrain’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MoICT) has declared the laying of the foundation stone for the American Trade Zone (USTZ), located in Salman Industrial City. The American Trade Zone is part of the investment and strategic projects package declared in the Industry Sector Strategy (2022-2026), which comes within the economic recovery plan, with an area of approximately 110,000 square meters, which amounts to 1.11 million square meters with future expansion.In 2021, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed for setting up the trade zone which will help to boost the economic commercial and industrial cooperation and support bilateral trade exchanges.

7 February, 2022

Masterplan approved for a mixed-use mega project in Bahrain

Bahrain Real Estate Investment Company (Edamah), the real estate arm of Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company (Mumtalakat), announced that the general masterplan for the 1.3 million square meter mixed-use mega project Bilaj Al Jazayer Development has been approved by Bahrain’s Higher Urban Planning Committee. The mixed-use coastal city will incorporate green and clean technologies to purify the air and reduce temperatures, as well as shaded walkways near key facilities to encourage walking and minimize the use of cars. The buildings will also be designed in a way that reduces heat exposure, thereby reducing electricity required for air conditioning. The supporting infrastructure will include water recycling facilities as well as facilities for generating electricity from solar energy, which enhances the Kingdom of Bahrain's global position in protecting the environment and supporting sustainable development.
Located on the Southwest coast of Bahrain, Bilaj Al Jazayer is set to transform Bahrain’s tourism landscape. Along with investors and strategic partners, the masterplan entails the construction of a string of hotels, entertainment and leisure facilities, restaurants, and retail and residential components. The project also includes a 3km beach, which is the cornerstone of the masterplan. Bilaj Al Jazayer’s beach area was recently reopened to the public in November 2021 as part of the project’s BD 5 million first phase, which covered coastal reclamation, parking spaces, service facilities, and a 1.2km walkway. Two important facilities have already been announced: opening by 2024, the Avani and Tivoli hotels will be the first hospitality projects at Bilaj Al Jazayer.

26 January, 2022

MoU signed for feasibility study on carbon capture in Bahrain

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), the world’s largest Aluminium smelter ex-China, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries EMEA Ltd. (MHI EMEA), part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group to collaborate on opportunities to reduce Alba’s carbon footprint. The MoU first-of-its-kind with an aluminium producer – will lay the foundations to conduct a feasibility study on utilising the technology to capture CO2 from flue gas, developed by MHI Group in collaboration with Kansai Electric Power Co., to reduce Alba’s plant emissions for decarbonization.

19 January, 2022

Three playgrounds opened in Bahrain

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) recently took part in the establishment and inauguration of three playgrounds, located in Abu Ghazal Garden, Ain Qassari Park and Busaiteen Park, as part of Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s initiative of establishing Al Furjan Playgrounds. The Bank continues to support the initiatives of Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Representative of His Majesty The King for Humanitarian Work And Youth Affairs. This initiative aligns with and reaffirms the Bank’s ongoing efforts and responsibility towards the Bahraini community, as it provides a safe space for young generations and supports the Youth and Sports sector.

17 January, 2022

Agreement signed to set up telecom towers in Bahrain

Diyar Al Muharraq, a leading real estate development company in Bahrain, has signed an agreement with Zain Bahrain, a key telecom services operator in the country, for installation of two telecommunication towers within its integrated city in the kingdom. This comes in line with Diyar Al Muharraq's commitment to strengthen cooperation with local telecommunication companies and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in order to extend the range of signal coverage to all areas across the city. The first telecommunications tower will be constructed and operated within Deerat Al Oyoun, and an additional tower will be installed to serve Al Naseem and the ERA project, providing better mobile network and internet services for residents and visitors alike. Both towers will contribute to achieving Diyar Al Muharraq's goal of installing 13 towers as per its current agenda for the City's communications network. Following implementation of the TRA’s plan to rectify the conditions of the existing telecom towers and reduce the number of towers, the new structures will be shared by all telecommunication companies operating in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The two parties discussed collaboration prospects to improve quality of life, operational efficiency and services throughout the Masterplan; as per the smart cities' standards and requirements. The new telecommunication towers will enable wider coverage for mobile and internet networks throughout the City and neighboring areas. Diyar Al Muharraq is one of the largest integrated cities in the kingdom, which works to preserve the Bahraini family values while offering a variety of housing solutions and a luxurious modern lifestyle. The project offers a unique, balanced mix of residential, commercial, recreational, and healthcare facilities, creating a fully integrated and futuristic model city.

3 January, 2022

Hawar substation work completed in Bahrain

Delmon Precast, one of the the leading precast suppliers in Bahrain, has announced that it has supplied 150 linear metres of precast for the Hawar Island 66 kV Loop Substation Boundary Wall project. The contract was awarded by the Electricity & Water Authority (EWA) to Al Fanar Construction, while ESB International are the main consultant for the project. According to Delmon, the precast columns and footings were shipped to Bahrain's Hawar Island for erection of the 66 kV substation boundary wall following a mock-up inspection at its production facility. The project is being implemented in close co-ordination with the main subcontractor, Al Kooheji Electrical Contractors, and with the installation work is in full swing, it will be completed by year-end.

3 January, 2022

Multiple tenders launched for various infrastructure development projects in Bahrain

Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning has launched multiple tenders for various infrastructure development projects in Bahrain. One of the recent tenders aims at revising the existing sewage system connecting Muharraq to Manama Island. The move, Works Affairs tender says, aims at optimising the use of available current and future treatment capacities. Works include preparing ‘three design packages’ and identifying sewer lines for optimising excess treatment capacity The tender description says the ministry wants to divert the flow from Muharraq to Manama by reviving the old sewer system connecting both islands. The ministry further intends to use the existing TSE line as a rising main to carry any excess flow (beyond the capacity of Sitra STP) to Tubli STP via an NS-TSE line. Plans are also to construct a sewer system to divert the sewage flow from Saar to Madinat Salman. The tender also calls for developing a concept design for connecting sewer lines to optimise the use of existing excess treatment capacity. The ministry is offering the contract for 24 months. Engineering Consultancy firms registered with CRPEP, Kingdom of Bahrain, under Grade A or B are eligible. Bids should reach the board before the 2nd of February 2022, with a BD100 bond and BD100 fees. Separately, the ministry has launched another tender for creating new residential access roads in block 575, Janabiyah. The ministry wants to create a 4,570- meter long road and perform associated works. Make bids before the 6th of February 2022, with a BD5,000 bond and BD100 fees.
The Works Affairs tender to create sewerage in the Budaiya area attracted nine bids ranging from BHD 239,395.091 to BHD 399,435.333. The tender was for creating a sewer connection to 45 properties in Block number 550. A new uPVC sewer main pipeline lines are planned for a total distance of 690m and 310m, respectively, and a lateral pipeline of 150mm diameter for 290m. Bidders include UCO Engineering, Al Kooheji Technical Services, Tylos Excavation Company, and Abdul Hadi AlAfoo. EMCE Construction and Maint is the lowest bidder. But, according to the tender board, the lowest bidder may not necessarily receive the contract, as price shall become the principal concern only after fulfilling technical and other criteria. Meanwhile, A tender for site supervision consultancy services for Zinj Trunk sewer received a single bid of BHD 397,760.000 from p2m middle east. The contract duration is 24 months. A tender for investing and operating a Multi-storey (Car Parks) building in Suq Al Qaisarya at Muharraq attracted a single bid. BHD 90,000.000 offer by BHD Smart Car Parking is the sole bid received for the tender by the Municipality Affairs. The tender was for investing in two plots having an area of 845 square meters for 25 years. The tender should develop and operate the property at won expense

29 December, 2021

$29m infrastructure tenders awarded in Bahrain

Nineteen tenders worth BD 11,059,127.428 were awarded in November 2021 for projects outlined by the Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry. Seven road projects were awarded to lowest bidders for BD8,757,949. These include mainly the Buhair infrastructure project (phase 1) and the development of the road network in the industrial zone located to south of Alba, Block 951 (phase 1).
The Tender Board has also awarded eight projects worth BD1,780,515 to construct a string of sewerage networks in Block 557 in Budaiya and other areas, in addition to the maintenance of eight substations for three years. The Tender Board also awarded two tenders worth BD465,000 in the construction sector, including the rain insulation projects with a 10-year guarantee (2021-2023). 88 purchase (procurement) orders worth BD364,948 were also issued for the ministry last month.

28 December, 2021

Seven urgent infrastructure projects planned in Bahrain

Ministery of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning has announced a plan to implement seven urgent projects for roads and bridges in the Kingdom of Bahrain. They will be financed through the Gulf support provided to the Kingdom. These projects are the Busaiteen Bridge Project, the third phase of the project to develop the street leading to Bahrain International Airport, which is represented in the development of Al Saqr Intersection; the Sports City Outlets Development Project; the expansion of Khaleej Street to four lanes in each direction with the development of intersections on it; in addition to the Janabiya Street Expansion Project; and the Budaiya Street Expansion Project.

13 December, 2021

Construction commenced on main sewage water carrier in Bahrain

Work has started to construct the main sewage water carrier in Hidd Industrial Area. The project includes the construction of a main sewage conveyor line with a total length of 3.3 kilometres, of which 1.1 km will be implemented using the Open Cut method. The remaining 2.3 kms will be excavation using Micro Tunneling machines, and three pumping stations will be re-established. The project will contribute to reducing the cost of operation and maintenance of the old pumping stations. It will also raise the capacity of the sewage network, from 2,300 cubic metres per day to approximately 24,000 cubic metres per day, to serve the current and future industrial facilities in the region.
The final wastewater will be carried out at the Muharraq treatment plant to make the most of its capacity. The project falls within the national strategic plan set by the ministry for the wastewater sector as a basis for planning, developing and expanding networks and treatment systems in Bahrain with the rapid urban development, with the aim of achieving sustainable development for this sector and providing the best services to all regions.

25 November, 2021

$30bn infrastructure projects plan unveiled in Bahrain

Bahrain has unveiled its new strategic projects plan which will see over 20 new projects coming up across the kingdom at an investment of more than $30 billion. The new multi-year projects represent one of Bahrain’s most significant ever injections of capital investment and will drive the Economic Recovery Plan, designed to enhance the long-term competitiveness of Bahrain’s economy, and stimulate post pandemic growth. Bahrain is emerging from the pandemic with a bold ambition that looks beyond economic recovery to a more prosperous future. This transformative investment will raise education and lifestyle opportunities for young people and provide quality healthcare, homes, and career paths for them as the progress into adulthood. New and existing industries will be stimulated and private sector growth in the tourism and entertainment sectors will be driven forward by infrastructure and telecommunications investment, with connectivity both within the Kingdom and overseas elevated for the efficient movement of goods, services, and people. The Strategic Projects Plan is an investment not only in Bahrain’s physical infrastructure but in the future prosperity of the Kingdom’s people. Comprising 22 signature projects across key sectors - including telecoms, tourism, education, manufacturing, and health - the plan will also contribute towards the realisation of Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030. New projects include the creation of five cities situated on newly constructed islands, increasing Bahrain’s total land area by more than 60%. The largest of those planned, will span 183 sq km providing a residential, logistics, and tourism hub that will house a new airport.
The new 25km, four lane King Hamad Causeway will facilitate cross border trade and travel with Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC, and strengthen political, strategic, economic, and cultural ties. Within Bahrain, a new metro system will offer travel choice, reduce congestion, and contribute to the Kingdom’s plans to achieve net zero. The metro network of over 109 kms, will connect all major population hubs in the country. The 20-station first phase of the metro will run from Bahrain International Airport to the residential and commercial area of Seef, linking both to Manama and the Diplomatic Area. Transport connectivity will be complemented by technology investment in land and sea fiber optics, connecting all regions of the kingdom and enhancing competitiveness. Next generation cloud-computing services will be supported by significant investment in several new data centre projects. The building of Sports City, a complex that will house the largest sports stadium in Bahrain and a multi-purpose indoor sports arena making the kingdom a centre for events, leisure, and sport. The new projects announced under the Strategic Projects Plan will build upon the kingdom’s 2015 infrastructure plan that delivered the new Bahrain International Airport terminal, the Line 6 expansion project of Aluminium Bahrain (Alba), the world's largest aluminium smelter ex-China, and the 50,000-bpd (barrel per day) AB-4 Pipeline between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia replacing the 230,000-bpd.

24 November, 2021

Deal signed for electricity projects in Bahrain

Bahrain's Ministry of Finance and National Economy has signed an agreement with Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) for its key power-related projects. As per the deal, AFESD will provide soft funding for projects such as a setting up of a control center for monitoring the electricity and water networks at an investment of KD10 million ($33 million). The project aims to meet the growing need for electricity and water generation, transmission and distribution services. The significance of supporting the infrastructure projects given their role in promoting the sustainable economic growth. The role of the Arab Fund in supporting development projects in the Arab countries.

21 November, 2021

Contract awarded to digitalize LTE network in Bahrain

Bahrain’s Electricity & Water Authority (EWA) has awarded a contract to Nokia to provide a private LTE network to digitalise the country’s distribution network. For the first phase, Nokia will install the private LTE network for the Al-Muharraq area in Bahrain. The first phase will involve the connection of 500 secondary substations and six primary substations to the central location. After completion of the first phase, the network will connect thousands of secondary substations and hundreds of primary substations across Bahrain. The private LTE network will help EWA automate its smart grid in the city and will pave the way for easier adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) use in the future. The equipment to be installed under the contract will include: Nokia IP/MPLS wireless router 7705 SAR-Hmc, Nokia Compact Mobility Unit (CMU), Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) and Nokia LTE radio equipment will be used to build advanced private LTE networks. The solution will be based on 3GPP standardization on 410 MHz Band B87 which is specifically for industrial use for private LTE connectivity. 
Overview of the solution to be used for the deployment:
Nokia IP/MPLS wireless router 7705 SAR-Hmc enables application-centric, reliable and efficient smart grid communications
Nokia Compact Mobility Unit (CMU) performs the mobile packet core functions that are required for mobile broadband, IoT and Machine-type Communication (MTC)
Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) will enable automation of IP and optical networks to simplify network operations
Nokia LTE radio equipment will help in effective capacity management while offering diverse deployment options.